Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition - Teenager A Cappella

Date Venue Competition Groups

National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall - Auditorium

1.A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
2.Fancy Vocal Band
4.Taichung Children’s Choir La-Ca Bear
6.Shiny Panda
7.Star’s Echo
8.Fuhsing Ensemble
9.Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band
10.Little A-Gou Kids

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition - Youth Category & Open Category

Date Venue Category Competition Groups

Taipei Zhongshan Hall - Guangfu Auditorium

Youth Category

1.NaTUral Singles
3.You Can Hear Us Vocal Band
6.Meet Vocal Band
7.By Chance
8.To Be Continued
9.InNaluwan Vocal Band
10.The Burning Moon Vocal Band

Open Category

1.Klangbezirk Taiwanese Singers
2.Vocal La Vie
3.Dominant 7
4.Project K
6.Croissant Vocal Band
7.OBC Singers

Demonstration Group

Yu Wen


World Contemporary A Cappella Competition - Youth Category & Open Category

Date Venue Category Competition Groups

Taipei Zhongshan Hall - Guangfu Auditorium

Youth Category

1.1st Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
2.Accompany Vocal Band (Taiwan)
4.Yu Wen(Taiwan)
7.3rd Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
8.2nd Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition

Open Category

2.The Island Voices(Singapore)
3.2nd Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
4.The Scramblez(Korea)
5.3rd Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
6.1st Prize of 2023 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
7.Murasaki No Ue(Japan)
8.Macao A Cappella(Macao)

Demonstration Group



Asia Contemporary A Cappella Forum






Taiwan Choral Music Center


The Response of Hong Kong A Cappella Group During the Pandemic

Kwok Tung, Fung / Hong Kong


Current A Cappella Scene in Japan

Takashi Ninomiya / Japan


Transparent Blending

Matthias Knoche / Germany




Gala Concert

Date Venue

Performance Team


Taipei Zhongshan Hall - Zhongzheng Auditorium



Master Class








Taiwan Choral Music Center

Get the Vocal Groove

Matthias Knoche / Germany


International Vocal Band Tour Concert





All Over Taiwan


Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Takashi Ninomiya (Japan)
  • Simon Pan (Taiwan)
  • Kwok-Tung, Fung (Hong Kong)
  • Hua-Chien, Hsu (Taiwan)
  • Matthias Knoche (Germany)
  • Stacey Wei (Taiwan)
  • Wang-Chou, Yeh (Taiwan)
  • Yun-Ling, Lee (Taiwan)
  • Sylvia Lin (Taiwan)
  • Shane Wu (Taiwan)
  • Yi-Ting, You (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching, Lai (Taiwan)
  • Cheng-Yu, Lee (Taiwan)
  • Ray, Chu (Taiwan)

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Teenager A Cappella
 Gold Medal First Prize:Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band
 Gold Medal:A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band、Paiwanpella、Star's Echo、Fuhsing Ensemble
 Silver Medal:Fancy Vocal Band、Taichung Children's Choir La-Ca Bear、Little A-Gou Kids
 Bronze Medal:Shiny Panda
 Best Stage Performance:Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band
 Best Creative Custume:Paiwanpella
 Best Senior/Teenager Interactive:Taichung Children's Choir La-Ca Bear
 Best Teenager Group:A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Children Group:Absent
 Best Future Star:Hsi-Cho, Chang-Taichung Children's Choir La-Ca Bear、No-Cheng, Wang-Star's Echo
 Adjudicators Prize:Fancy Vocal Band
 Best Teacher:I-Chen, Yang-Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band
 Best Teenager Lead Singer:Yu-Tung, Wei-Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band
 Best Teenager Vocal Percussionist:Chih-Chin, Lu-Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:To Be Continued
 Gold Medal Second Prize:InNaluwan Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Paiwanpella
 Gold Medal:3Hz、The Burning Moon Vocal Band
 Silver Medal:NaTUral Singles、You Can Hear Us Vocal Band、Meet Vocal Band、By Chance
 Bronze Medal:Hurt身體
 Adjudicators Prize:Paiwanpella
 Best Local Song Performance:InNaluwan Vocal Band
 Best Stage Performance:To Be Continued
 Best Jazz Performance:3Hz
 Best Junior High School Performance:Absent
 The Best Junior High School Teacher:Absent
 Best High School Performance:Paiwanpella
 The Best High School Teacher:Sheng-Chu, Kan-Paiwanpella、Wei-Chih, Cheng-InNaluwan Vocal Band
 The Best University Teacher:To Be Continued
 Best Arrangement:Absent
 Best Composition:Paiwanpella
 Best Lead Singer Performance:Yuan-Hsi, Chen-To Be Continued
 Best Bass:Yu-Cheng, Lin-InNaluwan Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussion:Chen-Chieh, Chang-3Hz

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Absent
 Gold Medal Second Prize:HighFight
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Dominant 7
 Gold Medal:Klangbezirk Taiwan Singers、Re:Dino
 Silver Medal:Vocal La Vie、Awkwapella、Croissant Vocal Band、Project K、OBC Singers、DiTToEs
 Bronze Medal:Absent
 Adjudicators Prize:Absent
 Best HanGuang Performance:OBC Singers
 Best Local Song Performance:HighFight
 Best Stage Performance:HighFight
 Best Jazz Performance:Klangbezirk Taiwan Singers
 Best Arrangement:Dominant 7
 Best Composition:Dominant 7
 Best Lead Singer:Hao-Hsiang, Chiu-HighFight
 Best Bass:Kuo-Tsan, Wang-Re:Dino
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Po-Hsun, Chen-HighFight

World Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Absent
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Absent
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Absent
 Gold Medal:To Be Continued、Yu Wen
 Silver Medal:Accompany Vocal Band、X(sai)、Paiwanpella、InNaluwan Vocal Band
 Bronze Medal:Senkagura
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Yusuke Nakazawa
 Best Bass:I, Chen-Yu Wen
 Best Singer:Chih-Hsin, Liu-Yu Wen
 Best Composition:Absent
 Best Arrangement:Pei-Tung, Cheng-Yu Wen
 Best Jazz Performance:Absent
 Best Stage Performance:Yu Wen
 Adjudicators’ Prize:InNaluwan Vocal Band

World Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:baff!
 Gold Medal Second Prize:The Island Voices
 Gold Medal Third Prize:HighFight
 Gold Medal:Dominant 7
 Silver Medal:The Scramblez、Murasaki No Ue、Macao A Cappella
 Bronze Medal:Absent
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Narysal-The Island Voices、Che-Yu, Lin-Dominant 7
 Best Bass:Maximilian Kleinert-baff!
 Best Singer:Lilly Ketelsen-baff!
 Best Composition:Jonathan Mummert-baff!
 Best Arrangement:Jonathan Mummert-baff!
 Best Jazz Performance:baff!
 Best Stage Performance:baff!
 Adjudicators’ Prize:Murasaki No Ue

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band

A-Gou Kids A Capella Vocal Band is the first children’s acapella band in Taiwan, jointly cultivated by the Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government and Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School. Most of the members didn’t have a musical foundation when they joined the band. With the full support of their parents and the continuous training of professional teachers, they gradually built self-confidence and musical strength. Today, the kids with an average age of 13 will challenge their limits with a brand-new team member combination.

Fancy Vocal Band

The Fancy Vocal Band from Fantasia Music Art Studio. Since 2021, teachers have been sharing acapella in elementary school and Junior high school and looking for children who love to sing. Let everyone see the performance video of the singer performing on stage and invite children who love to sing to practice a cappella together during the holiday. We came together through our love of singing, a cappella, and look forward to giving you the cutest, most energetic show!


Once upon a time, there was a pop choir named KTS. When the princes and the princesses grow up, they all found their own happily ever after. Naturally, their kids were brought up in homes where their parents loved to sing to and with them. And they are overjoyed to be part of the fun ride now! KidsTS comprises kids from 6 to 9 years old and their parents. They are Wesley (9), Warren (6), and their mommy, Wendi. Fey (8) and her mommy, Vanessa. Yu-Sian (7) and his daddy Robin. Together we wish to pass on the joy of singing to all the children of the world and encourage more kids to take part in this wonderful world of a cappella.

Taichung Children’s Choir La-Ca Bear

Taichung Children’s Choir (TCHC) founded in 2015 is the largest and most professional children's choir in central Taiwan as well as the only facility training professional Children’s a cappella. Our Choir hires occupational teachers to compose music to deliver the fascination of a cappella to children. Achieving remarkable artistic performance is always the prime goal of our training concept.


We are a group of Paiwan children who love singing. Currently, there are 10 of us, composed of indigenous classmates from Chaozhou Junior High School. Every Wednesday after school, we have two hours of singing practice, which is our happiest moment. Singing is not just singing; every year, we also perform at nearby nursing homes, special education schools, and community organizations, hoping to spread love and care through our voices. In addition, through the ancient and new songs we sing, we have a greater understanding of the beauty of our indigenous folk songs.

Shiny Panda

From Guofeng Junior High School in Hualien, I chose the a cappella club because I like to sing, and I also know friends from different classes through my voice. Singing alone is very happy, and the process of pursuing harmony is also very exciting, but you can only understand the joy of a cappella if you have participated seriously together!

Star’s Echo

Star's Echo has been established since 2018. So far, we have earned the gold medal, the best lead singer, and the best vocal percussion in Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Teenager A Cappella. We consist of students who are from Tanglung Elementary School and Jianguo Elementary School in Pingtung. Now, our students are all grown up and went to different schools but our love of a cappella overcomes distance, it keeps us practicing every month. We hope you can enjoy our beautiful voice.

Fuhsing Ensemble

Founded in 2018, Taipei Fuhsing Private School Ensemble originated from a group of choir members who are highly interested in singing and expect to pursue advanced singing skills and diverse performances. In 2019, we completed impressive performances at Taipei International Choral Festival and the Japan Karuizawa International Music Festival. In 2020, we began to try a cappella and won the Silver Medal and the Best Future Star Award in the Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition. In 2023, we won thunderous applause from the audiences at Super Vocal Carnival organized by Taiwan Choral Music Center. We are wishing for bringing vocal music to the extreme!

Taichung Childrens A Cappella Vocal Band

Taichung Children’s Choir (TCHC) founded in 2015 is the largest and most professional children's choir in central Taiwan as well as the only facility training professional Children’s a cappella. Our Choir hires occupational teachers to compose music to deliver the fascination of a cappella to children. Achieving remarkable artistic performance is always the prime goal of our training concept.

Little A-Gou Kids

They always believe that music can shape a person’s tough inner character. A-Gou Kids A Capella Vocal Band, that accompanies children to grow up with music, has come to the third generation of members. Please take a look at their immature faces and innocent eyes. The ambitious young kids persisted in learning acapella with perseverance and dedicated their time and efforts. They hope to pass on the power of truth, goodness, and beauty on stage with singing.

NaTUral Singles

We are NaTural Singles from NTU A Cappella Club. Because six of us are still single. As a newly established a cappella group, we are lively and interested in personality. We are passionate about a cappella, enjoying the harmony and immersing ourselves in the music. Hope that we can leave lovely memories in this wonderful dream when we are pondering and thinking, when we grow and change, or when time flows inadvertently.


The "hurt身體" is an acapella youth team led by Charlie-Zeng, which formed temporarily by students from NTHU and NYCU. One of their members will be participating in a volunteer team abroad on July 3rd, so " hurt身體" spent the first seven days of summer vacation after their final exams rehearsing three different songs. They chose "Somebody That I Used to Know" as their submission video for the preliminary judging, which was filmed and submitted within a limited time frame. Hopefully, they will deliver a splendid performance in the final competition!

You Can Hear Us Vocal Band

Hello everyone, we are You Can Hear Us VCB! You Can Hear Us VCB is formed by members of NTHU A Cappella Club. We have a close-knit relationship with the club and are the representative of the club! Within our group, we gather the distinctive voices from various departments at NTHU. Except for covering the songs from other musicians, we also compose our own music tailored to each member’s vocal characteristics. This enables us to display our individual strengths and harmonize with each other more effectively. In the future, we will continuously explore different genres and stage styles. We aim to inspire everyone to join us in the pursuit of self-improvement and the joy of singing together!


We are a group of Paiwan children who love singing. Currently, there are 7 of us, composed of indigenous classmates who graduated from Chaozhou Junior High School. Every Wednesday after school, we have two hours of singing practice, which is our happiest moment. Singing is not just singing; every year, we also perform at nearby nursing homes, special education schools, and community organizations, hoping to spread love and care through our voices. In addition, through the ancient and new songs we sing, we have a greater understanding of the beauty of our indigenous folk songs.


Hello, we are 3Hz, established in 2022, from the NTU A Cappella Club. We aim to eliminate awkwardness, not just to become pitch-perfect geeks who can discern a difference of 3Hz, but also to find confidence and discover our own frequency through self-demand in music. Ultimately, we hope to create resonance between you, the audience, and ourselves. Presenting you with a Red Rose, let Nature Boy capture your Attention, as we look forward to embarking on a journey together in the enchanting and beautiful world of a cappella.

Meet Vocal Band

Meet Vocal Band is composed of a group of friends who met in a choir. They came together because they were drawn to the charm of a cappella music and used a cappella to encounter each other. Through interaction and communication with one another, they discovered more possibilities in music. With a shared passion, they experienced the beauty of unaccompanied pure vocal music and used this kind of music to connect with all their audiences. "Meet Vocal Band" is the perfect representation of this precious serendipity, and they will continue to encounter new members and audiences in the future, continuously passing on this connection!

By Chance

A Capella in Wunsan High School means a group, a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and are full of passion. We spread their enthusiasm and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member who wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition. We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop practicing even through the typhoon or rainy days. 

To Be Continued

To Be Continued Vocal Band was established in January 2020, with members of diverse backgrounds in performing arts; we love both to listen to and tell stories, and most importantly, we LOVE to sing along these stories. TBC sings through music types of popular music in both Mandarin and English, rock, and is best known for its rearranged musical pieces and exquisite performing style; in addition to re-arranging classic Western musical songs, TBC also endeavors to promote Taiwanese original musical work and integrates theatrical elements and dance staging into its performance, aiming at providing an integral visual feast besides vocal delight.

InNaluwan Vocal Band

The "In Naluwan Acappella Group" was founded in 2021 along the east coast of Taiwan. It stands as an a cappella ensemble predominantly made up of indigenous youth from diverse tribes. Fueled by their love for singing, the members are dedicated to nurturing Taiwan's indigenous language folk songs. These melodies are brought to life for Taiwanese audiences through captivating acappella performances. Looking ahead, they aspire to collaborate with additional Taiwanese composers and integrate indigenous folk song elements, infusing their music with indigenous languages. This initiative is driven by the goal of safeguarding their cultural heritage and ensuring that the most exquisite voices of Taiwan's indigenous population resonate throughout the passage of time.

The Burning Moon Vocal Band

The Burning Moon Vocal Band of the Music Department of Youth High School is mainly composed of second-year students. The whole group began to learn a cappella singing in the first year of high school. They have participated in many performances, including many performances at school or outside campus. This time they also won excellent results in the modern acapella group of the Hakka Choir Competition. We look forward to increasing our stage experience.

Klangbezirk Taiwanese Singers

Klangbezirk Taiwanese Singers (KTS) was conceived in the winter of 2016 in the collaboration between Taiwan Choral Music Center (TCMC) and Klangbezirk, a professional German a cappella ensemble. Consisting of seasoned a cappella singers and musicians from all around the country, KTS is the first-ever contemporary a cappella pop choir in Taiwan. The group’s Chinese name “Kao-Tu-Si” is a creative spin inspired by the English abbreviation.

Vocal La Vie

Vocal La Vie is composed by the students from RENSING ACADEMY since 2017/10/01.  Everybody in Vocal La Vie is insisting on singing. Perhaps the song we sang out is not the best, but surely it's the only ONE! So, we go forward in the same way with the melody coming out from the mouth in freestyle. C'est la vie! This is life! We are Vocal La Vie.

Dominant 7

Project K

Project K, founded in 2019 at the Hsinchu A Cappella Center, is comprised of a talented group of young individuals. We frequently perform at various events in northern Taiwan. Project K excels in delivering emotionally nuanced yet powerful pop songs and has recently started venturing into creating original compositions. We aim to spread joy, warmth, and the spirit of the songs to everyone through our performances.


Awkwapella is composed of a group of people who just love to sing and happen to be ever so slightly awkward. We enjoy what we do and hope to spread our positivity and awkward humor to anyone who’ll listen! Anyone!

Croissant Vocal Band

"Croissant Vocal Band" was formed by alumni of Feng Chia University. The Group’s members all participated in the university choir and performed pop acapella on the stage. After graduation, despite working in a different city, the passion for singing still connects with each other. Years later, the "Croissant vocal band" was formed. The word "Croissant" is a kind of fluffy and soft bread, which has rich taste and exudes warmth and contentment. "Croissant vocal band" looks forward to conveying the same feeling by singing, just like a warm wind named "Croissant"!

OBC Singers

We are the OBC Singers. Our members come from different choirs and vocal bands, so our music is very rich and diverse, and different sparks often burst out when we get along. For many years, we have performed a cappella unit in the performances of the Kuangching choir. Until 2021, we participated in the TCMC a cappella party for the first time and held the first special concert in the same year. In 2022, we began to actively participate in various competitions and performances, and we achieved good results in the Taoyuan Chorus Art Festival, the Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition, and the Hakka Chorus Competition. This year we plan to perform in several concerts at Meimen Restaurant, Inage Kaihin Park in Japan, and Keelung Marine Science Museum. Hope to bring more beautiful songs and to pass on the wonderful feeling of singing together to everyone.


Re: Dino is an a cappella group founded by a few members of the Tamkung University Choir. With the name "Hexagon-Dinosaur" they used originally, they won the first prize in the Tamkung- Choir Competition. Since the members grew up and graduated from Tamkung University, they reformed the group and became “Re: Dino”. By using their unique voices, they will make smooth music that pleases your ears.


Our voices and energy are soaring sky "High". Shoulder to shoulder we put on a good "Fight". The first a cappella group from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School has elevated themselves and came back stronger with brand new music to share.


DiTToEs is a vocal band made up of singers who came together because they all love singing. Even though they have different jobs and backgrounds, they share a passion for music. With their bold and imaginative ideas, DiTToEs is capable of mastering a wide range of musical styles while delivering captivating performances filled with powerful energy. Just like how the name "DiTToEs" is a playful homage to a famous British rock band, DiTToEs aspires to emulate their essence and share timeless and profound music with everyone.

Accompany Vocal Band

We’re Accompany. We are from National Taiwan University and were established in June 2020. It was the love of music that brought us together. Singing helped us walk through the highs and lows of our lives, and it was a cappella that gave us countless memories of cheers and struggles. Though we’re not from majors of professional music training, our love for music and passion to perform is determined nonetheless. Now, let us accompany ourselves with our music, and we’re joyful to share our time together.

Yu Wen

"Yu Wen A Cappella Group" clinched the gold medal first prize in the Youth Category and the gold medal second prize in the gold medal final of the Youth Category at the 2022 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition. Formed in March 2020, "Yu Wen A Cappella Group" consists of a group of close friends who share a passion for and love of a cappella music, with the mission of promoting a cappella in Taiwan. This year, they made their debut performance at the "2023 Spring Vocal Festival – Super Vocal Carnival" and were invited to participate in the 2023 Shanghai Yangtze River Delta A Cappella Music Competition in July. Most of the group members are indigenous people who frequently use their performances to promote their own indigenous culture as well as other ethnic cultures. Their style is diverse and unrestricted, with the aspiration to make a cappella a prominent force in the future of popular music through their enthusiasm for singing.


baff! The four musicians from Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, and Halle are good friends, singers with strong characters, and absolutely themselves. They show lines, but don't get boring, baff!!'s music has a unique liveliness.
At the end of 2013, baff!! met in Lübeck to make street music. After the production of the debut album "Nobody Else" in spring 2015, baff!! in 2016 the Berlin vocal festival
BERvokal, and smaller tours throughout Germany followed. In 2017 the second album "Continue to Breathe" was released. With renewed energy baff!! won prizes in the pop and jazz categories at the international a cappella competition in Graz in 2019 and produce the third album "bei Zeiten" in mid-2020.
baff!! wins national and international awards, produces music videos with over 70 singers, does projects with a string quartet, and dubs Dreamworks cartoon characters for Netflix. baff!! gives concerts throughout Germany and is invited to Ireland as a festival headliner. In this new line-up, the four young adults are heading towards a career as a singer/songwriter.


We are Shiranui, which was formed in July 2023 and consists of 6 Japanese university students. We are students at the same university, and we met in a circle at the university. We are based in Japan and often sing Japanese songs, but we also sing songs written in English. It has not been long since we formed, and we have not been on stage and competition yet. TCMC will be our first stage and we will entertain the audience. We are looking forward to competing on the TCMC stage.

Nagisa Sonoda、Yuga Inoue、Keishi Inoue、Yuuki Etou、Masahito Sasagawa、Ryouta Singuu


We are the new intercollegiate a cappella band which is constructed by the a cappella club of "Kanda university of international studies" and "Chiba institute of technology". We have been encouraged to sing a cappella in Taiwan through communication with 4 bands from Taiwan in the Utaawase festival, which is an a cappella event in Chiba and a live concert at Kanda University. These two colleges are not enough participants to come here from only one college, but they are located near, and have a connection. This is why we are united to win the gold prize that Japanese youths have never got and to be a history of Japanese a cappella.

Rinko Matsui、Yuto Takahashi、Yukino Hatta、Shoko Araki、Naoki Iwasawa、Mizuki Kamata、Hibiki Chiba


We have been formed to participate in external competitions this spring. All members are students at Kyushu University, which is in Fukuoka, Japan. We all join an a cappella club called HarmoQ and belong to different bands. We got together because we are very good friends and wanted to try to sing Western songs abroad. This is our first opportunity to sing abroad so we are all excited. This is our last year to sing with these 6 members because more than half of our members will graduate. Furthermore, this is our first time showing our performance in front of a lot of people so we will do our best in this competition.

Yui Inatsuki、Haruna Egashira、Kanto Inoue、Rena Karashima、Keito Yamasaki、Yusuke Nakazawa


baff! was founded in Lübeck at the end of 2013. At that time they were all still at school, but the four musicians met to make street music and sing together. Pretty quickly, many of their own songs were created and the band began to perform concerts. At first mainly in the north of Germany, then also throughout Germany. Through the festival BerVokal 2015 the singers gained a foothold in the German a cappella scene and made a big step forward through some workshops. Some awards followed, e.g. the first prize at Scala Vokal Ludwigsburg 2016, the audience award at So La La A-cappella-Festival Solingen 2018, and the Gold diploma in the categories Jazz (1st place & audience award) and Pop (2nd place) at vokal.total in Graz 2019. After three line-up changes, the band is now re-formed with Josefine Reichert, Lilly Ketelsen, Jonathan Mummert, and Maximilian Kleinert and continues to focus on producing and performing their own German pop songs.

Josefine Reichert、Lilly Ketelsen、Jonathan Mummert、Maximilian Kleinert

The Island Voices

Brimming with energy and exuberance, The Island Voices is a vocal ensemble that embodies the spirit of Singapore. Bursting onto the music scene a mere two years ago, this remarkable group has already graced the prestigious Singapore National Day Parade in both 2022 and 2023. The Island Voices specializes in captivating, harmony-rich vocal performances. Their unique style of music and engaging live performances have taken them on stages of many sizes, from intimate corporate events, and private company engagements to the Padang.

Elsa Mickayla、Emmeline Koh、Izzathy Halil、Owen Lai、Harun Amirrul Rasyid、Jayesh Kishor Melvani、Aaron Bunac、Narysal

The Scramblez

2019-2022 Korean Youth Microphone Artist Activities
2019 performance at the Gokseong World Rose Festival
2019 performance at the Gwangju World Swimming Championships
2020 "only a cappella voices scramblez first concert" a planned performance
2020 "up and down in deajeon" artist activities
2021 "scramble voices" a planned performance
2021 performance of "youth containing" during Daejeon youth week
2022 Daejeon KBS 79th Anniversary Pop Brunch Concert Performance
2022 Appear on KBS "Morning Garden"
2022 "scramble voices-cinema acapella" a planned performance

Minkyung Kim、Davin Yun、Sareum Lim、Wanseop Hyun


Murasaki No Ue

We, Murasaki No Ue, have tried so many competitions and events throughout Japan since 1996. Fortunately, we've got many prizes including three 1st prizes. These years, we have visited many places in Japan to encourage students to sing A Cappella. Every year we plan a music camp for them and share musical knowledge. And we hope our activities will contribute to the development of Japanese a cappella scenes. We have ONLY men but we can create incredible harmonies and arrangements including jazz, bossa nova, pops, and rock as musical spices with an astonished range of voices. We hope our sound, which is full of our playful minds, will make our guests excited.
Gwangju Arirang Festival(2014)
Taiwan International Vocal Festival(2016)【Gold Medal】&【Best Arrangement】
Jeju International Choir Festival & Symposium (2017)
Vokal.Total(2018)【Jazz Silver Diplomas】
Taiwan Vocal Bass Showcase(2015),2nd prize


Macao A Cappella

Founded by Christina Kuok and Henry Ip, Macao A Cappella is a contemporary a cappella group under the Macao A Cappella Association. The current president is Jennifer Cheang. All members are home-grown Macao locals from different sectors passionate about singing and a cappella music. The group has been practicing regularly since the fourth quarter of 2011 and has performed in concerts and events by invitation, participated in and organized performances of various scales and forms, and done a cappella arrangements for quite a few pop songs, well as published a collection of five original songs.