Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Yun-Ling Lee (Taiwan)
  • Kai-Yi Chen (Taiwan)
  • Mike Tseng (Taiwan)
  • Cool-Jae HUH (Taiwan)
  • Nothing Yeh (Taiwan)
  • Yan Ren Shiuan (Taiwan)
  • Jenny Wu (Taiwan)
  • Tiffany Tzuyu Kuo (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching Lai (Taiwan)

 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition
★Youth Category
Gold Medal First Prize:Absent
Gold Medal Second Prize:Voice Killers
Gold Medal Third Prize:Save Armpit Hair、Second Language
Gold Medal:Popphonesingers、BEMORE
Silver Medal:By Chance、Coincident、Sing Chord、Project K
Bronze Medal:ONE MINUTE
Best Chinese Song Interpretation:Save Armpit Hair
Best Stage Performance:Voice Killers
Best Jazz Interpretation:Save Armpit Hair
The Best University Teacher :Voice Killers-蔡子萱
The Best High School Teacher:Coincident-林哲聿
The Best Junior Performance:Coincident
Best Composition:Popphonesingers、Coincident(Bass)
Best Arrangement:Voice Killers-宗佩忻、任常聿
Best Composition:Voice Killers-任常聿、呂書旆、宗佩忻
Best Singer:Voice Killers-邱皓翔
Best Vocal Percussionist:Voice Killers-陳柏勳
★Open Category
Gold Medal First Prize:Absent
Gold Medal Second Prize:Unlimited Power、Gentlewomen
Gold Medal Third Prize:NJD VOCAL
Gold Medal:Blue Moon、Blue Moon
Silver Medal:AOR Vocal Band、One Plus One Vocal Band
Bronze Medal:Fei Vocal Band、Z Voice、Funkid Vocal Band
Best HanGuang Interpretation:Unlimited Power
Best Chinese Song Interpretation:NJD VOCAL
Best Stage Performance:Gentlewomen
Best Jazz Interpretation:Blue Moon
Adjudicators Prize:Absent
Best Arrangement:NJD VOCAL-張維麟
Best Composition:從缺
Best Singer:Blue Moon-林晉頡、Unlimited Power-林傑穎
Best Vocal Percussionist:Blue Moon-林靖騰
★Teenager A Cappella
Gold Medal First Prize:Pingtung Sinyi Elementary School Group Monkey Kids Group
Gold Medal:Star's Echo、Taichung Children's Choir-LA LA Bears、Taichung Children's Choir-Apple Bears
Silver Medal:NEHS Junior High A Cappella Club、Taichung Children's Choir-A Ca Bears、Taichung Children's Choir-Bear King、The Voice Of Sunshine 2.0、Our Song
Bronze Medal:Big Dipper、FunCappella Kids
Best Vocal Percussionist:Star's Echo-林宗科、Pingtung Sinyi Elementary School Group Monkey Kids Group-邱柏勝
Best Singer:Star's Echo-陳芷妤、Pingtung Sinyi Elementary School Group Monkey Kids Group-蘇子茜
最佳指導老師獎:Taichung Children's Choir-LA LA Bears-陳奕成、Pingtung Sinyi Elementary School Group Monkey Kids Group-陳雅芸、商怡雯、林孟慧

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

By Chance

Acapella in Wunsan high school means a group,a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and full of passion. We spread their enthusiam and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition.We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop particing even though the typhoon or raining days.

Save Armpit Hair

Save Armpit Hair, an acappella group formed by 6 music lovers in Tainan National University of the Arts. Founded in 2018, combing male voices and a female vocal percussion to perform different kinds of music. Although the group is young, but their passion in music is really mature. They are going to bring you the sound of southern Taiwan, hope you guys enjoy.


Hello everyone, we are the A Cappella group, Coincident. Consisting of six high school students from the Affiliate High School of National Chengchi University , Datong High School and Jingmei High School. Originally unknown to each other,but fate gathered us together.A short period of time to develop a very good understanding and trust, while increasing our enthusiasm for music, but also have the same expectations. Although we are all from different schools,we always try our best to attend every practice. However, it has never occurred to anyone to meet the best of you on this path,so we named the group name "Coincident".


The reasons we named our group One Minute were two: First, we spent only one minute to find all of our members. Second, it took us one minute to come up with this name, too.
Though this group took such a short time to assemble, all the members kept practicing, blending in with each other, and the final result must be above the standard of one minute.
A s the saying goes,” one minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage.”, and this is what we look forward to ourselves. 
We hope all of you enjoy our performance.

Voice Killers

Voice Killers are 6 weird sounds and strong musicality and resonance. We want to conquer the world of frequency.A group of music lovers who graduated from the Performing Arts Department of Hua gang Art School,we love music and like to sing. The five people used their most unique voice with a demon of rhythm to become a group of first case in Huagang Art School, since 2018. On June 13th, has been full for one year, and still holds an unbreakable faith,Even we did not achieve the desired results last year, it has accumulated a lot of experience and understanding. Today, we will return to the TCMC stage with our original intention,and show our result.


We are students now studying in Applied Music Department at Tainan National University of Art. We are interested in A Cappella's music and want to feel more fun, so we decided to form a group. The origin of the group name was also very amazing. At the time, two of the members suddenly picked up a song during the chat. One of the two felt good. Then he asked who the singer was and another said that Crowd. According to the person named Sabbastin is derived from Johann Sebastian Bach. And the word Bit sounds like beat. Although the origin of the name is a little bit ridiculous, but it sounds interesting. So we set it up. Our vocal configuration is TTBB and a vocal percussion. We hope to be inspired in the cultivation of this music.


Our group includes six members with the same interest in music, but each of us shows singing in different ways. We expect to provide a marvelous acapella which involves without any musical instruments, and to bring a new auditory perception for our audiences.

Sing Chord

Sing Chord is a vocal band representing the A Cappella club of Wan-Fang High School,coached by their teacher Wen-Chi Chang. There are 5 members in Sing Chord this year: Yen-Ju Kung,Chia-Yu Chang,I-Hsiang Yeh,Jo-An Yu,and Po-Chun Liu. Although it has only been about a year since we’ve joined the A Cappella club, we are passionate about singing and performing with people of unique and different personalities. We hope to share our harmonic chords with you! We're “Sing Chord”!

Project K

Project K has been founded in Hsinchu since March 2019. We keep the passion alive in A Cappella. We take a road to find the key of singing A Cappella. With our voices, we will one day knock the door to a bigger stage in the world. We are Project K, and we would like to be the A Cappella heirs in Hsinchu.

Second Language

Most of us have learned our own second language, such as English, Spanish, German, and so on. But for us, we have chosen “music” as our second language, speaking it with A Cappella. We all believe that it’s a international and delightful way to get to know more wonderful people of communicating with music!


「NJD VOCAL」 is a male a cappella group which is a dynamic and innovative vocal group started in 2018.  The members Winnie, Eric,XZ,Tim, YiHeng,and Andrew are not only having experience in performing a cappella but also having the great passion in sharing the joy of it. Besides, we also love to perform in different language and various style. We are the team that no one would like to miss.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a new acappella group since May of this year. Four of the six members are from the Music Department of the Taiwan University of the Arts (Xinglei, Jinci) and the Department of Drama (Tracy, Yuting), and the other two,  it is a combination of Robin (Bass) and Yasut (VP), the backbone of the Acapella community.  According to the director of the team, in addition to the jazz, the team style is to develop the genre and original music of the musical. We hope that the contest will let everyone know us and also accumulate the team's stage experience, and the future will go better!

Unlimited Power

We are "Unlimited Power" an a cappella group beginning our journey in Electronic Dance Music, distinguished from traditional vocal band style. Each members of our group is experienced and active in music performance. Also, we donate our time in composition, percussion and music production. We will bring our original music to the audience.


《Gentlewoman》is an ensemble of female artists from different vocal bands (Regardless, B-MAX, SOUNDS GOOD, BroadBand) which were all the champion award recipients of TCMC Contemporary A Cappella Competition. Composed of diversity and same passion in singing, 《Gentlewoman》embraces differences, tries to think outside the box, and believes in spreading love through music.

AOR Vocal Band

Ring capella established in 2018.5.
Most of the members graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Shu-Te University. We love singing. We hope we can have a stage to perform acapella. We were also members of The Shu-Te Glee Club, which is a choir group in university. The moments in Glee Club, we have already built the foundation of our music and we have great chemistry with each other. Although choir is different from acapella, they are essentially the same. We are looking forward to trying a different style of music and keep challenging our possibilities.

Fei Vocal Band

The group established in December,2018. The members are from different places in Taichung . They are music lovers. Therefore, no matter how busy they are, they would rather die than give up music. Wherever they are, they spare no effort to get together to play the music.They strive to strike a balance between their job and their enthusiasm. Their same goal is to carve a niche of their own. 

One Plus One Vocal Band

Founded in February 2009, the One Plus One (OPO) Vocal Band was born from an out of this world virtual realm –the Internet. The founder and current Chief, Tiny, recruited a group of A Cappella enthusiasts from the most popular BBS in Taiwan, PTT. After progressing through a formative two years, the third generation OPO cast assembled in November 2010 and soon made its debut at the Taiwan Spring Vocal Festival in March 2011. Now, the increasingly active One Plus One Vocal Band is gaining momentum, emerging as one of the most rapidly-rising A Cappella groups in Taiwan.


Hello, everyone we are "z voice." It's so honor to join the Acapella competition. We will do our best and hope you guys enjoy our music! Thank you very much!

Blue Moon

On the path to our dreams, we come to find each other. We come from different places, having different background. We come to find each other only because of our love in singing. “Once in a blue moon” is a phrase describing how something that comes very rarely. Some might say these things may in fact be impossible. Amongst so many people, we are able to find each other because of our fate together. Regardless of how difficult our path may be, we will make the impossible possible.

Funkid Vocal Band

Funkid vocal band was formed in September 2017. All the members, from different kinds of work, meet each other in A Cappella class of RenSing Academy. All of us enjoy singing so much and share how much love we have in music together. It’s full of laughter and fun during the process. After the class finished, we decided to form a vocal band named “Funkid”, to continue this precious friendship and joy. Hoping everyone can enjoy and have fun as a kid from our performance.


The German vocal group Quintense is one of the most convincing newcomer a cappella groups in Europe.
It was in 2015 when five music students in Leipzig founded the ensemble. In the following year their first public appearance in Graz (AT) at the competition led to four awards, among them the the first prize in the jazz category as well as the audience award in the pop category. From that moment on Quintense was honored with first prizes in lots of other appearances such as A-Cappella-Award Ulm (GER) and in the same year the Grand Prix in Tampere (FIN) 2017.
With their driving attitude and their gentle and unique sound, the young group was playing concerts in France, Austria and all over Germany. Their secret: Deeply touching arrangements, written by the group members, are on one hand setting well-known and well-chosen pop tunes to music and on the other hand are reviving vocal jazz music at its best.
Their first EP “Quintense”, produced by VOXID-founder and New York Voices sideman Daniel Barke, appeared in April 2017 and got high grades at the International Recorded A Cappella Review Board. As well they were nominated for the world newcomer album of the year at the CARA Awards in the United States.
Apart from touring the remarkable youngster group is working on a brand new show: It will have it´s debut in January 2019 when Quintense will headli ne the famous German A-Cappella-Festival “Voc.Cologne”.


Acapellago is one of the most influential pop a cappella groups in the Philippines today. The group leads in winning local and international a cappella competitions such as:
2013 & 2015: The "Akapela Open" in the Philippines, (the first and only group to win it twice)
                      Grand Champion
                      Best Arrangement (“Triangulo”)
2015: "A Cappella Championships" in Singapore, champions 2016: "Vocal Asia" in Taiwan, 1st runner-up
2016: "AKA A Cappella VIII" (Asia-Pacific A Cappella Championship League) in Singapore where they got the:
           Grand Champion
           Best Bass Singer (Happy Laderas)
           Best Vocalist (Michelle Pascual), and the
           Audience Award
2017: "Vokal Total" in Austria where they bagged the:
           Ward Swingle Award (1st and over all champions)
           Gold Prize (pop category), and the
           Audience Award besting a cappella groups from all over the world
2018: "CHVOCALS: Golden A Cappella Awards in Shenzhen, China where they bagged the:
           Best Musical Presentation Award
           Best Performance Awards
           Best Male Artist (Almond Bolante)
           Best Vocal Percussionist (Bogart Laderas)
           Best Original Theme Song (“Music of Your Heart”)
Last year, they got seven (7) nominations at the "30th Awit Awards", an award-giving body in the Philippines, where they got the People's Choice (Favorite Group Artist) and the Best Vocal Arrangement for their first original single, "Stars Are Aligned", which was also an entry in the Philippine Popular Music (Philipop) songwriting competition in 2016. This year, they won the Best Vocal Arrangement for their original single “Peroplano” from the same award giving body. Aside from being international guests at the Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival in 2016 and The Voices of Taoyuan Taiwan in 2018, they are also recipients of the "Ani Ng Dangal" (Harvest of Honors) for three consecutive years since 2015. They have already produced their 1st physical and digital album entitled, "Peroplano" under Viva Records, and are now the endorsers of a popular biscuit brand in the Philippines for three (3) years now.
As they believe in the magic of harmony, they continue to be ambassadors of contemporary pop a cappella music, spreading the genre in the Philippines and outside the country through the aid of Akapela Open’s annual workshops and competitions, as well as Rebisco Combi’s Combi-nation A Cappella competitions.

Ain’t No Other Man - popularized by Christina Aguilera
Side To Side - popularized by Ariana Grande  
Queen of the Night - popularized by Whitney Houston  
Tatlong Bibe