Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Teenager Category

Date Place Competition Groups
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall-Auditorium (No.21, Zhongshan S.Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ) 1、A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
3、Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble
4、Dong Fang Xiao Tai Yang
5、Bomb Fox
6、Our Song Vocal Band
7、FunCappella Kids
8、By Chance
9、Windy City Kids
10、Star's Echo
11、Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School
12、Taichung Children’s Choir
13、Natus Online A Cappella

Super Vocal Carnival

Date Place Groups
Taipei Metro-Plaza 2, East Metro Mall(near Exit14) (B1, No. 77, Sec. 1, Da'an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ) 1、V Ladys
2、WoHo Vocal Band
5、Wonder Wander
6、La-Pel-Ca Vocal Band
7、Somebody Sing Vocal Band
8、Just Vocal Band
9、NTHU A Cappella and Music Compose Club
10、Popphone Singers
12、Fei Vocal band
13、Amazing Doggy
14、Voice Killers
15、Save Armpit Hair
17、Vocal La Vie
18、Project K
19、What Voice Vocal Band
20、One Plus One Vocal Band
22、Seagull-K Vocal Band
23、You Can Hear Us Vocal Band
24、Voice Crew
26、Yuan Sheng Chu Kou
27、Nature Weee!

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category & Open Category

Date Place Groups Competition Groups
Taipei Zhongshan Hall-Guangfu Auditorium (2F., No. 98, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)) Youth Category

2、Save Armpit Hair
5、Mei Bao Paradise
6、Popphone Singers
7、Bye Bye Box
8、By Chance
9、NaTUral Singers
10、The Foolish

Open Category

2、Second Language
3、Fantasia Vocal Band
4、Fei Vocal Band
6、Blue Moon
8、Unlimited Power Vocal Band
9、LA Bee
10、Tipsy Note

Guest Group 1、Voice Killers
3、Unlimited Power Vocal Band

Gala Concert

Place Date Groups
10/20(Tue.)19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall-ZhongZheng Auditorium (No. 98, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)) O-KAI SINGERS

International Vocal Band Tour Concert

Place Date Groups
10/22(Thu.)19:30 Arts Center, National Chiao Tung University (1001 University Road, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C.) O-KAI SINGERS

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Ray (Yuan-Lei), Chu (Taiwan)
  • Aki Chen (Taiwan)
  • Ren-Shiuan, Yan (Taiwan)
  • Stacey Wei (Taiwan)
  • Stella Tsai (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching Lai (Taiwan)
  • Ke-Shao, Liao (Taiwan)
  • Hau-Chien Hsu (Taiwan)

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition 

Teenager Category

 Gold Medal: Bomb Fox、By Chance、Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School、Taichung Children’s Choir
 Silver Medal: Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble、Dong Fang Xiao Tai Yang、FunCappella Kids、Windy City Kids、Star's Echo、Natus Online A Cappella
 Bronze Medal: Paiwanpella、Our Song Vocal Band
 Best Stage Performance: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Creative Custume: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Senior/Teenager Interactive: Natus Online A Cappella
 Best Teenager Group: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Future Star: Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble
 Adjudicators Prize: Pan Bo Yan–Windy City Kids、Zhao Yu Hao–Taichung Children’s Choir
 Best Teacher: Huang Hui Juan、Shang Yi Wen、Huang Chao Wei、Chen Ya Yun、Lin Meng Hui–A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Teenager Lead Singer: Chen Bo Hao–A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band

Youth Category

 Gold Medal Second Prize: Popphone Singers
 Gold Medal Third Prize: NaTUral Singers
 Gold Medal: The Foolish
 Silver Medal: Meet、Speaker、Mei Bao Paradise、BYE BYE BOX
 Bronze Medal: Acadinch、By Chance
 Adjudicators Prize: Mei Bao Paradise
 Best Local Song Performance: Save Armpit Hair–Love is Suspected
 Best Stage Performance: Popphone Singers、The Foolish
 Best Jazz Performance: Save Armpit Hair–Spain
 Best Junior High School Performance: Mei Bao Paradise
 Best High School Performance: Speaker
 The Best Junior High School Teacher: Lin Shu Yi–Mei Bao Paradise
 The Best High School Teacher: Gu Chen Zhen、Chen Wei Yao–Speaker
 The Best University Teacher: Lai Jia Ching、Yeh Xiao En–Save Armpit Hair
 Best Arrangement: Pan Zhi Rong–BYE BYE BOX、Lin Zhe Yu–NaTUral Singers
 Best Lead Singer: Hua Xuan Ching–Save Armpit Hair
 Best Bass: Liu Ti An–Save Armpit Hair

Open Category

 Gold Medal Second Prize: Gentlewomen
 Gold Medal Third Prize: Second Language
 Gold Medal: BroadBand、Fantasia Vocal Band、Blue Moon、Tipsy Note
 Silver Medal: Fei Vocal Band、Vocalmate、LA Bee
 Adjudicators Prize: Blue Moon
 Best Local Song Performance: Unlimited Power Vocal Band–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It
 Best Stage Performance: Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Jazz Performance: Second Language–It Don’t Mean A Thing、Fantasia Vocal Band–Silence Of Time
 Best Arrangement: Yu Yi Ting–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Compositon: Yu Yi Ting–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Lead Singer: Chen Hui Yi–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Bass: Weng Yu Ting–Unlimited Power Vocal Band

 (In performing order)

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band

The A-Gou Kids A cappella Band includes a group of children from Pingtung, Taiwan. They love to sing, so they work hard to learn singing. At first, they were shy little kids. However, their passion for music enables them to radiate light through their performance and to deliver a melody of innocence.


Paiwanpella members are mostly Paiwan tribe teenagers who always love to sing and dance. In the very beginning, we were just naughty and aimless juveniles in our teachers' and parents’ eyes. Not surprisingly, the problem of our constant absence rates when training was always a big headache for our school assistant teacher, Patricia. But she never gave us up. Gradually, under the strict guidance of our beloved vocal instructor, Mr. Sheng Zhu, Gan, we started to perceive more joy and strengthened our ability to singing skills a lot. And what’s more, we have gained more self-confidence and self-achievement by attending Acapella musicals and singing for elders in Pingtung. Now we are so proud to be singing angles who can share our beautiful songs with our audience.

Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble

Taipei Fuhsing Private School is a school that places great emphasis on Arts and Humanity. 2016, Fuhsing Ensemble joined the Karuizawa International Choir Festival and Ensemble Competition and won second place and best audience award. Due to several students’ passion for singing and the goal of reaching more advanced singing techniques, students from Fuhsing Choir formed Fuhsing Ensemble in 2018. Fuhsing Ensemble has earned lots of praise and was invited to the National Music Theater in Taiwan to perform. Fuhsing Ensemble is wishing to improve with time. Bring vocal music to the extreme!


We are eight students from NTTUES. We met each other when we all joined the school chorus. Besides seeing each other at our weekly practices, we also found that we were all fascinated by the unaccompanied chorus and vocal percussion. So we plucked up the courage to form an A cappella group and get a taste of vocal performance. In the future, we will sing with our hearts and let our voices shine like the sun.

Bomb Fox

Bomb Fox is an A Cappella club from the Hsin-Sheng junior high school in Taitung. The A Cappella club was founded in 2015. The current members are aboriginal students. They have been in the A Cappella club for three years and have participated in many competitions and performances.

Our Song

“Our song” is a vocal band from Pingtung elementary schools. This students’ band established 4 years ago. The students have been working hard for this competition and they want to show their natural and pure sound that comes all the way from the south of Taiwan “Pingtung”.

FunCappella Kids

We’ve been learning music from teacher Christina Yi-lun O since we were at the age of four. It’s a joyful journey in our life. Years have gone by, some of us are in love with the piano playing, some are in love with the saxophone, guitar, or flute. We have our own pursuits in music, but A cappella singing always brings us back together, to sing together, to listen to the harmonies that we are creating, it’s the magical, beautiful moments about A cappella. In this group we find the pure joy of music, as days go by, there’s a deeper, meaningful weight in our life.

By Chance

We love singing and performing, we are showing a professional attitude in A Cappella. We’ve seen seniors make a magnificent show at school, and it inspires our desire for performance, we practice a lot during the spare time of tutoring classes as well as nap time, hope to be as good as them. We are By Chance vocal band!

Windy City Kids

Windy City Kids has been founded in Hsinchu since July 2020. We keep the passion alive in A Cappella. We take a road to find the key to singing A Cappella. With our voices, we will one day knock the door to a bigger stage in the world. We are Windy City Kids, and we would like to be the A Cappella heirs in Hsinchu.

Star's Echo

We are from Pingtung, a group of children who love to sing. And we are also children A Cappella group trained by the Pingtung County Government. Although we do not have much performing experience, we appreciate every opportunity to be on the stage. This is our first time to take part in this competition, we will show you the best we are. Singing is the happiest thing in life. 

Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School

Although the members of the 3rd generation of The A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band are completely unfamiliar with sheet music, they did not get discouraged. We won’t give up any of them just because it may be a difficult challenge! We grow happily as families together, making music the driving force of our life! The students, bearing the mantle, look at the shining stage, hoping that they will one day stand on it, embracing the applause and cheers of the audience!

Taichung Children's Choir

Taichung Children’s Choir (TCHC) founded in 2015 is the largest and most professional children's choir in central Taiwan as well as the only facility training professional Children’s A Cappella. Our Choir hires occupational teachers to compose music to deliver the fascination of a cappella to children. Achieving remarkable artistic performance is always the prime goal of our training concept.

Natus Online A Cappella

We are a group of kids from Natus Online A Cappella. We love singing and have been taking training in a choir since we were little. Through the experiences from the choir, we have developed abundant and multiple competencies of music. Embracing the passion for singing, we are going to shine with kindred spirits on the stage.


We are from Feng Chia University, Taichung. We were a group of students who love to sing. By singing and interacting with each other, the more we found the beauty in A Cappella music and with this kind of music, we would like to share and "Meet" with the audience, "Meet vocal group" is the best name to represent our unique style. 

Save Armpit Hair

Save Armpit Hair, an a cappella group formed by 6 music lovers in Tainan National University of the Arts. Founded in 2018, combing male voices and a female vocal percussion to perform different kinds of music. Although the group is young, their passion for music is really mature. They are going to bring you the sound of southern Taiwan, hope you guys enjoy.


Hi! We're Acadinch! We're a group of kart drivers with a heart loving singing. Gathering from every quarter of Taiwan, we carry glory and mission from our hometown with us. We used to develop self-reliance. It is the soul, loving singing, that brings us together. We meet each other in NTPU What Voice A cappella Vocal Band, singing, playing in the same place. It is our pleasure to challenge ourselves with diverse music styles, like a kart driver surmounting all the obstacles encountered all the way. We hope to merge our stories into our voices, passing our inspiring to all the audiences. We want to make memories stirred within your heart. Whether they are sorrowful, wrathful, or joyful, these memories are all tracks that remind us of our living. With this affection, we will treasure everything around us with our full hearts.


Hi! everyone we are Speaker. We are from Zhunan High School, consists of eight members who love music. From the beginning, there is no intersection, and now slowly integrate into everyone's life. We also hope that our singing voice will be spread everywhere, just like a speaker! We hope we can support each other on this road, happy together and sad, and have a good school life together!

Mei Bao Paradise

Mei Bao Paradise is a group of students from Taitung. The name of Mei Bao comes from the reason that the members of the group are mostly Amis. Even though they are formed for only two years, but have already made their conspicuous figures in Taitung. Except for participating in the different contests for gaining more stage experiences, they have also performed in the schools several times and successfully earned lots of feedback and reputation among the audience. This is their first time participating in an official Acapella competition, except for wishing to mature their performance, also they expect to build up some fellowship with other Acapella groups. Hoping in the future they could maintain the group in a permanently professional way, and interpreting some mother tongue language folk songs with their own and unique acapella sound. So that they could show to the world this Taiwanese radical aboriginal culture by another side of musical potential.

Popphone Singers

The alternate black and white "Zebra Crossing" Chinese name of the Popphone Singers, synchronize with colours of the piano keys which expresses the passion in the music of the group from Shih Hsin University Chorus of Taipei, Taiwan. Where the Popphone Singers are comprised of current members of the University Chorus Group, graduating students are refreshed every year with newcomers, also known as new "zebras", sustaining the unique energy enthusiasm and creativity.


Consist of six local students in Kaohsiung, Bye Bye Box is the purest A Cappella group ever. Full of passion from young people, the only dream of us is to let our voice out to everyone! We are all from different groups, and realize to say goodbye is not an easy thing to do, so we call our group ”Bye Bye Box”, hope that we can conceal farewell, and leave the memory of our everlasting voice.

By Chance

Acapella in Wunsan high school means a group, a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and full of passion. We spread our enthusiasm and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member who wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition. We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop practicing even though the typhoon or rainy days. 

NaTUral Singers

NTU Flyingnotes A cappella club, a club formed by passionate students of NTU, although only established for two years, is home to those of talents. They hold great ambition, marching towards excellence. This year, NaTUral Singers, a group gathered from the teaching cadres, is ready to take the stage by storm. Rallying the best from each group in the club, they will present the greatest strength of the Flyingnotes A cappella club, and show everyone their passion for music without hesitation, no holding back.

The Foolish (青年組)

Hello! This is the Foolish. For us, the first step to start everything is always by clumsy and stupid ways. With a huge endeavor and accumulating different experiences, we finally become who we are now. This idea is the expectation that we give to ourselves. Hope we can convey this “ Foolish” message to everyone.


The all new “BroadBand” is here! You may see this group formed in Taipei live on stage, on TV shows, at competitions, and even at music awards shows. These five experienced singers are performers expert at creating harmony and choreography. They aim to create irresistible energy, and make audiences enjoy a cappella even more. Have you had your fill of BroadBand today?

Second Language

Most of us have learned our own second language, such as English, Spanish, German, and so on. But for us, we have chosen “music” as our second language, speaking it with A Cappella. We all believe that it’s an international and delightful way to get to know more wonderful people of communicating with music!

Fantasia Vocal Band

Fantasia vocal band was founded in December 2016. We are from different areas of life, like a rainbow to enrich the music and sharing our love of music with everyone. Our members included Soprano, Mezzo- Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and vocal percussion, focus on playing pop music and highly contagious performances. We tried to increase drama and dance to create a new area of a cappella music.

Fei Vocal Band

The group established in December 2018. The members are from different places in Taichung. They are music lovers. Therefore, no matter how busy they are, they would rather die than give up music. Wherever they are, they spare no effort to get together to play the music. They strive to strike a balance between their job and their enthusiasm. Their same goal is to carve a niche of their own. 


《Gentlewoman》is an ensemble of female artists from different vocal bands (Regardless, B-MAX, SOUNDS GOOD, BroadBand) which were all the champion award recipients of TCMC Contemporary A Cappella Competition. Composed of diversity and same passion in singing,《Gentlewoman》embraces differences, tries to think outside the box, and believes in spreading love through music.

Blue Moon

On the path to our dreams, we come to find each other. We come from different places, having different background. We come to find each other only because of our love in singing. “Once In a Blue Moon” is a phrase describing how something that comes very rarely. Some might say these things may in fact be impossible. Amongst so many people, we are able to find each other because of our fate together. Regardless of how difficult our path may be, we will make the impossible possible.


From various walks of life, we have a lot in common with the persistence of music. The purest voice is our unique instrument. We are fascinated by vocal and fall in love with A cappella. We sing together and make the best mate. Therefore, we are “Vocalmate.”

Unlimited Power Vocal Band

We are "Unlimited Power" an a cappella group beginning our journey in Electronic Dance Music, distinguished from traditional vocal band style. Each members of our group is experienced and active in music performance. Also, we donate our time in composition, percussion and music production. We will bring our original music to the audience.

LA Bee

LA Bee, patronized by Pingtung County Government, is A Cappella Vocal Band. As an upstart band in southern Taiwan, we group members have possessed rich experience of performing over the past two years. We even successfully won the gold medal in TCMC shortly after we had established the band for less than one year. Afterwards, we went on winning many prizes in a row in different sorts of singing contests. LA Bee sincerely hopes to touch every audience’s heart with our singing voice.

Tipsy Note

Founded in May 2019, it is composed of Acapella singers, musical actors and vocal performance artists.  In addition to the popular hits, jazz standard, fusion, and hip-hop that incorporate Chinese elements are also the styles that Tipsy Note excels at; the styles are changeable and interesting, and often collide with different sparks when they're performing. It is the most anticipated team in the recent Aka circle!


O-Kai Singers is an Indigenous Taiwanese vocal group whose outstanding vocal ability has brought them immediate success. Only two months after its establishment they managed to take home first place in national category at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival. Since then, they have shattered records in the Taiwan a cappella scene, winning more than 42 different awards including category of “Best Jazz Album” “Best Asia Album” with their first and second album for Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs), 3 awards for Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, 5 national champions, runners up at an international competition, and scoring third place twice in international competitions in Europe. While sharing the stage with top international groups including The Swingle Singers, The Real Group, and The Idea of North, they pushed the total number of performances to more than 1,000 within 15 years.