Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category & Open Category

Date Place Category Competition Groups
10/16 (Sat.) 13:30 National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall-Auditorium
(No.21, Zhongshan S.Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

1. Meibao Paradise
2. Popphone Singers
3. Fan Vocal Band
4. Voctastic
5. To Be Continued
6. Burning Toast
7. By Chance
8. White Verge
9. Singergarten
10. TKT Acappella


1. Sonar
2. Voice Messages A Cappella
3. Green Six
4. PellaFlow
5. Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band
6. Sing A Song
7. Funkid Vocal Band
8. La-Pel-Ca Vocal Band
9. Fantasia Vocal Band

Unlimited Power Vocal Band

Senior A Cappella Concert

Date Place Groups
10/23 (Sat.) 14:30

The Red House
(No.10, Chengdu Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

JIGULA Vocal Band、Syncappella
Flying Vocal Group、Melody

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Ada, Su (Taiwan)
  • Stacey Wei (Taiwan)
  • Jing-Yu, Liu (Taiwan)
  • Yeh Wang Chou (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching Lai (Taiwan)

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize: Vacancy
 Gold Medal Second Prize: White Verge
 Gold Medal Third Prize: Voctastic
 Gold Medal: Vacancy
 Silver Medal: Popphone Singers, Fan Vocal Band, To Be Continued, By Chance, Singergarten
 Bronze Medal: MeiBao Paradise, Burning Toast, TKT Acappella
 Adjudicators Prize: MeiBao Paradise
 Best Local Song Performance: Voctastic
 Best Stage Performance: White Verge
 Best Jazz Performance: White Verge
 Best High School Performance: By Chance
 The Best High School Teacher: Xian Rong Pan–By Chance
 The Best University Teacher: Yi Cheng Chiu, Ying Ju Yeh–Fan Vocal Band團
 Best Arrangement: Yi Heng Ding–Popphone Singers
 Best Lead Singer: Tzu Ni Lin–Voctastic
 Best Bass: Hsuan Han Wu–Popphone Singers
 Best Vocal Percussionist: Yu Tsang Hsiao–Voctastic

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize: Vacancy
 Gold Medal Second Prize: Fantasia Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Third Prize: Sonar
 Gold Medal: Vacancy
 Silver Medal: Green Six, PellaFlow, Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band, Sing A Song, Funkid Vocal Band, La-Pel-Ca Vocal Band
 Adjudicators Prize: Vacancy
 Best Local Song Performance: Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Stage Performance: Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band
 Best Jazz Performance: Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Arrangement: Vacancy
 Best Lead Singer: Yu Chun Lin–Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Bass: Chun Kun Chen–Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist: Chun Yen Lai–Fantasia Vocal Band

 (In performing order)

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

Meibao Paradise

Mei Bao Paradise is a group of students from Taitung. The name Mei Bao comes from the reason that the members of the group are mostly Amis. Even though they are formed for only two years, but have already made their conspicuous figures in Taitung. Except for participating in the different contests for gaining more stage experiences, they have also performed in the schools several times and successfully earned lots of feedback and reputation among the audience. This is their first time participating in an official Acapella competition, except for wishing to mature their performance, also they expect to build up some fellowship with other Acapella groups. Hoping in the future they could maintain the group in a permanently professional way, and interpreting some mother tongue language folk songs with their own and unique acapella sound. So that they could show to the world this Taiwanese radical aboriginal culture by another side of musical potential. 

Popphone Singers

The alternate black and white "Zebra Crossing" Chinese name of the Popphone Singers, synchronize with colors of the piano keys which expresses the passion in the music of the group from Shih Hsin University Chorus of Taipei, Taiwan. Where the Popphone Singers are comprised of current members of the University Chorus Group, graduating students are refreshed every year with newcomers, also known as new "zebras", sustaining the unique energy enthusiasm, and creativity.

Fan Vocal Band

Fan Vocal Band from Fantasia Music and Art Studio gathers young A Cappella-enthusiasts from southern Taiwan. By sharing A Cappella cover of renowned pop classics with a unique twist of our voice, we work hand-in-hand to reach our common goal of becoming professional musicians. With our music, we hope to bring you a splash of freshness, just like a pleasant breeze in the summertime.


Hello, everyone. We're Voctastic! In the world of music, we, who choose A Capella to express music, think that the feeling of the "vocal" ensemble is different from the "wonderful" of the instrument, and it is for this reason that our group name— "Voctastic" is the combination of the words "VOCAL" and "FANTASTIC".
However, we have just founded Voctastic, not for a very long time. Although we have a lot of practice every week, because of the music and mutual attraction of us, we are always very happy, how to convey this? We’ll say when the wonderful music encounters wonderful people, and there’s a wonderful us— "Voctastic"!

To Be Continued

To Be Continued Vocal Band was established in January 2020, with members of diverse backgrounds in performing arts; we love both to listen to and tell stories, and most importantly, we LOVE to sing along these stories. TBC sings through music types of popular music in both Mandarin and English, rock, and is best known for its rearranged musical pieces and exquisite performing style; in addition to re-arranging classic Western musical songs, TBC also endeavors to promote Taiwanese original musical work, and integrates theatrical elements and dance staging into it's performance, aiming at providing an integral visual feast besides vocal delight.

Burning Toast

Hello everyone, we are BurningToast. We admire the self-sacrificing spirit of the toast burning in the oven.

By Chance

Acapella in Wunsan high school means a group, a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and are full of passion. We spread our enthusiasm and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member who wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition. We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop practicing even though the typhoon or rainy days.

White Verge

White Verge is a group based in NTPU What Voice. The group is composed of college students as well as fresh graduates. We are tied up with the hustles and bustles from time to time, forgetting the feeling of a carefree life. Hence, the gathering and singing with old friends form a bond between us and provide a retreat from the harsh reality.


We are Singergarten, an acapella group from National Taipei University. Passion and love for the music are what we possess; abundant energy supports us to sing songs we enjoy greatly and to relish every performance on stages. Every singer in our group shares the same personality, that is innocent. We all become innocent like kids when we are singing. Therefore, we adopted Singergarten, the combination of the word singer and kindergarten as our team’s name. The motto of our team is “I’m the best,” which we shout out loudly three times when we feel upset and frustrated. Being novices in the world of acapella, we often encounter frustration and difficulties. No matter how many barriers we have to break through, we always have belief in ourselves, we always stay confident, we always dare to pick ourselves up from where we’ve fallen. As long as we uphold the enthusiasm for singing, we will become the shiniest acapella singers on the stage.

TKT Acappella

Because of the joy of singing, we make an A cappella group. Through the music, we met the best of each other. We hope that when our audiences met us, they could "stop, and hear the story we want to convey." We are TKT Acappella!


Sonar, composed of five experienced performers with their characters and unique voices. Their goal is to create a style of A Cappella music. The name represents not only their energy yearning for the stage but also the expectation to reach the audience’s heart with their own voice tone, just like SONAR.

Voice Messages A Cappella

Voice Messages is an a cappella group formed in October 2020, consisting of students from the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts & B.F.A Degree Program of Performing Arts, N.T.N.U. The name “Voice Messages” came from the function on Facebook Messenger, which represents the idea of conveying our ideal through a cappella.

Green Six

We are Green Six. A group met in Wanlong MRT station, and we gather for singing.


PellaFlow is formed by a group of experienced singers from the a cappella and chorus community.  Ignited by the excitement of Taiwan's Badminton Men's Doubles champions in the Tokyo Olympic 2021, we turned the midnight joke into a serious consideration of creating a group for the competition. Let's have a good time together, shall we?

Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band

Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band found in March 2020; a group of girls who love to sing—met each other by the school’s choir. Sing with body movement as the first form performance, and wish to keep growing more potent. To dig out more possibilities, focus on Jazz, Pop, and oldies, especially combined with physical movement and visual enjoyment.

Sing A Song

After daily work, we, sing a song, just enjoy singing together. We sing not only POP, opera, musical, rock and roll but also world music. We love immersing in different genres of music, and that is what we would like to present through our music. Just take it easy and sing a song.

Funkid Vocal Band

Funkid vocal band was formed in September 2017. All the members, from different kinds of work, meet each other in A Cappella class of RenSing Academy. All of us enjoy singing so much and share how much love we have in music together. It’s full of laughter and fun during the process. After the class finished, we decided to form a vocal band named “Funkid”, to continue this precious friendship and joy. Hoping everyone can enjoy and have fun as a kid from our performance.

La-Pel-Ca Vocal Band

Hello everyone, we are La-Pel-Ca! Through choir training in school and the unique voices of each member, we create a fantastic combination of choir music and a cappella! We will strengthen our singing skills and bring our soul into the songs with more power and emotion to give the dynamic performance on the stage. We love singing, we love challenging ourselves. We are La-Pel-Ca!

Fantasia Vocal Band

Fantasia vocal band, members by various professions such as singing, drama, and classic music. Combined with a high level of harmony and dramatic live performance that shows the deepest emotional by deconstructing the main rhythms and creating a dialogue between the high and low notes. Fantasia is committed to promoting Acappella music, touching more audiences by sharing love and freedom. conveying their true feelings and stories by the sounds of pure.

Guest Group:Unlimited Power Vocal Band

2020 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition:Gold Medal First Prize

We are "Unlimited Power" an Acappella group beginning our journey in Electronic Dance Music, distinguished from traditional vocal band style. Each member of our group is experienced and active in music performance. Also, we donate our time to composition, percussion, and music production. We will bring our original music to the audience.