Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Youth Category & Open Category

Date Place Category Competition Groups
National Chiang Kai-shek
Memorial Hall-Auditorium
(No.21, Zhongshan S.Rd.,
Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei
City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

1. BICE Vocal Band
2. Popphone Singers
3. Tiffany Sleep At Ten
4. NaTUral Singers II
5. Yu Wen Vocal Band
6. No Instrument Acappella Group
7. To Be Continued
8. Fan Vocal Band
9. Tainan Kuang-Hua High School Vocal Band
10. By Chance


1. Crescendo
2. NKNU Acappella
3. Xiu Li Ji
4. Fantasia Vocal Band
6. Rheology
7. AOR Vocal Band
8. Vocal La Vie
9. OBC Singers

1. A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band 
2. By Chance


Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition 2020-2022 Gold Medal Final-Youth Category & Open Category

Date Place Category Competition Groups
National Chiang Kai-shek
Memorial Hall-Auditorium
(No.21, Zhongshan S.Rd.,
Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei
City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

1. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Youth Category-Gold Medal Third Prize
2. Popphone Singers
3. White Verge
4. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Youth Category-Gold Medal Second Prize
5. Accompany Vocal Band(NaTUral Singers 1 st
6. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Youth Category-Gold Medal First Prize


1. Fantasia Vocal Band
2. Sonar
3. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Open Category-Gold Medal First Prize
4. Gentlewomen
5. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Open Category-Gold Medal Second Prize
6. Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-
Open Category-Gold Medal Third Prize
7. Second Language

Fantasia Vocal Band


Vocal Band Tour Concert

Date Place Group
10/17 (Mon.)

Chang Gung University

Fantasia Vocal Band
10/28 (Fri.)

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The Bleinders

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Hau-Chien, Hsu (Taiwan)
  • Ching-Chun, Hsu (Taiwan)
  • Stacey Wei (Taiwan)
  • Yun-Ling, Lee (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching, Lai (Taiwan)
  • Cheng-Yu, Lee (Taiwan)
  • Syvlia, Lin (Taiwan)
  • Kai-Yi, Chen (Taiwan)
  • Hao, Ku (Taiwan)

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Second Prize:To Be Continued
 Gold Medal Third Prize:By Chance
 Gold Medal:Vacancy
 Silver Medal:BICE Vocal Band、Popphone Singers、NaTUral Singers II、Fan Vocal Band、Tainan Kuang-Hua High School Vocal Band
 Bronze Medal:Tiffany Sleep At Ten、No Instrument Acappella Group
 Adjudicators Prize:Tainan Kuang-Hua High School Vocal Band
 Best Local Song Performance:To Be Continued
 Best Stage Performance:To Be Continued
 Best Jazz Performance:NaTUral Singers II
 Best High School Performance:By Chance
 The Best High School Teacher:Ching Lin Chiu, Hsien Jung Pan, Yi Cheng Chiu-By Chance
 The Best University Teacher:Ping Cheng Hung-Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Arrangement:Pei Tung Cheng-Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Lead Singer:Chih Hsin Liu-Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Bass:Kai Hsieh-Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist:柯侑廷-To Be Continued
Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Vacancy
 Gold Medal Second Prize:AISA
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Fantasia Vocal Band
 Gold Medal:Rheology
 Silver Medal:Crescendo、AOR Vocal Band、Vocal La Vie、OBC Vocal Band
 Bronze Medal:NKNU Acappella、Xiu Li Ji
 Adjudicators Prize:AOR Vocal Band
 Best HanGuang Performance:OBC Vocal Band
 Best Local Song Performance:AISA
 Best Stage Performance:AISA
 Best Jazz Performance:Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Arrangement:Che Yu Lin-AISA
 Best Lead Singer:Ming Yao Wang-Rheology
 Best Bass:Chun Kun Chen-Fantasia Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Hsun Chuan Li-AISA

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition 2020-2022 Gold Medal Final- Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Vacancy
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Accompany Vocal Band
 Gold Medal:Vacancy
 Silver Medal:By Chance、Popphone Singers、White Verge
 Bronze Medal:Vacancy
 Adjudicators Prize:Accompany Vocal Band
 Best Local Song Performance:Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Stage Performance:Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Jazz Performance:Accompany Vocal Band
 Best Arrangement:Che Yu Lin-Accompany Vocal Band
 Best Composition:Vacancy
 Best Lead Singer:Chih Hsin Liu-Yu Wen Vocal Band
 Best Bass:Po Yen Yu-Accompany Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Che Yu Lin-Accompany Vocal Band、Pa Su Ya‧Nai Chia Na-Yu Wen Vocal Band
Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition 2020-2022 Gold Medal Final- Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Vacancy
 Gold Medal Second Prize:AISA
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Gentlewomen
 Gold Medal:Fantasia Vocal Band
 Silver Medal:Sonar
 Bronze Medal:Vacancy
 Adjudicators Prize:Vacancy
 Best Local Song Performance:AISA
 Best Stage Performance:Gentlewomen、AISA
 Best Jazz Performance:Gentlewomen
 Best Arrangement:Che Yu Lin-AISA
 Best Composition:Chia Lin Han-Sonar
 Best Lead Singer:Ruby Hsu-Gentlewomen
 Best Bass:Yu Chien Huang-AISA
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Jui Hung Hsu-Fantasia Vocal Band

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

Bice Vocal Band

'Bice' is the color, grey-blue, from French. By 5:00 am, the sky outside the window had turned pale grayish blue. Just after a heavy rain, it hadn't cleared up yet but see far away. Day broke and the discussion was over, but a new day had begun. At the end of the university season, the ending is our brand new beginning. Although the future remains unclear. Hope we can all go even further under the gray-blue sky than under the bright sun.

Popphone Singers

The alternate black and white "Zebra Crossing" the Chinese name of the Popphone Singers, synchronizes with the colors of the piano keys which express the passion for music of the group from Shih Hsin University Chorus of Taipei, Taiwan. Where the Popphone Singers are comprised of current members of the University Chorus Group, graduating students are refreshed every year with newcomers, also known as new "zebras", sustaining the unique energy enthusiasm, and creativity.

Tiffany Sleep At Ten

Hi everyone, we’re Tiffany Sleeps At Ten, A Cappella Group from Tainan National University of the Arts. The leader of the group is Sherry. We usually have late-night supper after practice, Because Tiffany got to sleep at ten.

NaTUral Singers II

We are NaTUral Singers from NTU. If you pay attention closely, you would see the letters “NTU” hidden within the word “Natural”. NaTUral Singers was formed in hopes of passing on the spirit of acapella from one generation to the next. Our team consists of Soprano Sherry, Mezzo-soprano Yulia, Alto Kiki, Tenor Matt, Baritone Stan, Bass Jack, and Vocal Percussion Johnson. Let’s enjoy the show together!

Yu Wen Vocal Band

Yu Wen is an A capella group, composed of seven students at Hsing Wu University in 2020. The group was formed to introduce “A capella” to the young generation on campus. The “A capella” is characterized by vocalists with aboriginal background singing without instrumental accompaniment. Yu Wen has performed in various school events and community activities in LinKou. Yu Wen also represented HWU to participate in different competitions not only winning the first prize in the Exchange Event of the 2020 Korea International Cultural Singing Competition but also the third prize in the VOCAL FESTIVAL IN TAOYUAN. Moreover, the group aims to promote the aboriginal culture and lead Acapella to become a popular music trend in the future.

No Instrument Acappella Group

Hi! We are No instrument/Mimic Vocal Band! We are students from different departments of Chung Cheng University. We gathered because of some happy coincidences! Mimic Vocal Band has been established for a year, and probably would keep existing for two or three years. We will keep uploading our new works irregularly and searching for more opportunities of performing. Hope you will like our singing!

To Be Continued Vocal Band

We sing of social issues and stereotypes and express our uniqueness through music while vocalizing our true values and releasing all kinds of feelings towards life. TBC sings through music types of popular music in both Mandarin and English, rock, and is best known for its rearranged musical pieces and exquisite performing style; in addition to re-arranging classic Western musical songs, TBC also endeavors to promote Taiwanese original musical work and integrates theatrical elements and dance staging into its performance, aiming at providing an integral visual feast besides vocal delight.

Fan Vocal Band

Fan Vocal Band from Fantasia Music and Art Studio gathers young A Cappella enthusiasts from southern Taiwan. By sharing A Cappella cover of renowned pop classics with a unique twist of our voice, we work hand-in-hand to reach our common goal of becoming professional musicians. With our music, we hope to bring you a splash of freshness, just like a pleasant breeze in the summertime.

Tainan Kuang-Hua High School Vocal Band

We're pleased to introduce a fantastic vocal band coming from Kuang-Hua High School for you. Composed of various members, we have deep faith in Multiple intelligence, that's why we have 10 members, consisting of different departments, including junior, academic senior, comprehensive senior, and vocational senior high school. We are looking forward to singing the purity from the heart. Furthermore, we would like to share our unique concept, diversity. "囃"; means accompanying while dancing. Therefore, we name our band after the romanization of "麥". Hoping to sing the pure vocal by A Cappella..

By Chance

Acapella in Wunsan high school means a group, a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and are full of passion. We spread their enthusiasm and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member who wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition. We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop practicing even through typhoons or rainy days.


Keep growing and go from strength to strength. Crescendo A Cappella Vocal Band found in March 2020; a group of girls who love to sing—met each other by the school’s choir. Sing with body movement as the first form of performance, and wish to keep growing more potent. To dig out more possibilities, focus on Jazz, Pop, and oldies, especially combined with physical movement and visual enjoyment.

NKNU A Cappella

Hello everyone! We are NKNU A Cappella which has been formed in the chorus class of NKNU. Our team consists of students in different grades. The reason why we get together is that we all love music. What we hope is that we can share this great joy with others.

Xiu Li Ji

Xiu Li, is a gift to teachers which is presented by students for expressing their gratitude in the past. For us, all the advice, compliments, and smiles are the greatest motivation for us to elevate ourselves. We expect our voice could be a gift, just as Xiu Li did in the past, to all the listeners who appreciate and support our singing. Moreover, the pronunciation of Xiu Li Ji means an ordinary day in Taiwanese. Through our singing, we look forward to recalling the pieces of happiness and joy which are left in people’s daily life.

Fantasia Vocal Band

Fantasia vocal band, members from various professions such as singing, drama, and classic music. Combined with a high level of harmony and dramatic live performance that shows the deepest emotions by deconstructing the main rhythms and creating a dialogue between the high and low notes. Fantasia is committed to promoting A Cappella music, touching more audiences by sharing love and freedom. conveying their true feelings and stories by the sounds of pure.


We are Aisa! Aisa is an attitude; the elders of our tribes often tell us: "When you don’t know what to say, sing!" That is the attitude that brings us together and expresses to the world our love for singing. Whether you’re joyous or disheartened, whether you’re on key or off, sing! Because we can never forget that deep in our bones, we are all "Aisa"!


Rheology is a male vocal band from Taiwan. Led by Ming-Yao, and our arranger Yi-Hsiu. There are 8 members in total, and all of them have plenty of experience in chorus, pop, and vocal performance. Rheology means our voice can be as flexible and creative as anything you can imagine just like the unique interpretation of our music. Rheology acapella vocal band was founded in 2020. Recently, we conducted a music concert "Rheology Live 2021" fusing acapella, pop, and theater culture in our performance. For the first time attending TCMC, we have got ourselves a great public attraction with our music.

AOR Vocal Band

In the big family of Acapella, "AOR" is a sunny and bright vocal group which always full of laughter. We enjoy the ultimate aesthetics of pure vocals. "Mellow sunshine, joy and courage, and lingering tenderness" are the elements of our Acapella vocal music. On the vast ocean of music, we must move forward at full speed now, and replenish this world with positive energy through good voices. Good at: lyric, pop; multilingual arrangement.

Vocal La Vie

Vocal La Vie is composed by the students from RENSING ACADEMY since 2017/10/01. Everybody in Vocal La Vie is insisting on singing. Perhaps the song we sang out is not the best, but surely it's the only ONE! So we go forward in the same way with the melody coming out from the mouth in freestyle. C'est la vie! This is life! We are Vocal La Vie.

OBC Singers

The OBC of the OBC Singers is written by Our Best Companion. Our members came from several choirs and acapella troupes, initially led by Teacher Chu. The age of the 9 members is from 25 to 48. It is a very special combination. It combines the unique beauty of each age group. Therefore, our music is very varied and diverse, and we can often get along with different sparks. At present, Chang Hao-Cheng, a member of the group, serves as the music director. Since this year, he has actively participated in various competitions and performances, hoping to have a better performance.

White Verge

White Verge is a group based in NTPU What Voice. The group is composed of college students as well as fresh graduates. We are tied up with the hustles and bustles from time to time, forgetting the feeling of a carefree life. Hence, the gathering and singing with old friends form a bond between us and provide a retreat from the harsh reality.

Accompany Vocal Band

We’re Accompany. We are from National Taiwan University and were established in June 2020. It was the love of music that brought us together. Singing helped us walk through the highs and lows of our lives, and it was a cappella that gave us countless memories of cheers and struggles. Though we’re not from majors of professional music training, our love for music and passion to perform is determined nonetheless. Now, let us accompany ourselves with our music, and we’re joyful to share our time together.


SONAR, composed of five experienced performers with their characters and unique voices. Their goal is to create a style of A Cappella music. The name represents not only their energy yearning for the stage but also the expectation to reach the audience’s heart with their own voice tone, just like SONAR.


Award winning vocal quartet,《Gentlewomen》 is an ensemble of four female artists who were the winner of the 2019 TCMC Contemporary A Cappella Competition and the Best Music Award recipient of 2020 Taipei Fringe Festival. 《Gentlewomen》is renowned for intricate harmonies. Furthermore, we like to promote oriental culture through our music. We celebrate the beauty of diversity, try to think outside the box, and combine various elements into music. We believe in the power of music and sing for love, hope and possibility.

Second Language

Who says that elective second language must be a certain language? Our second language is music! We hope to connect people from all over the world through our music, no matter where you're from or what language you speak.