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2020 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition

Teenager Category
 Gold Medal First Prize: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Gold Medal: Bomb Fox、By Chance、Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School、Taichung Children’s Choir
 Silver Medal: Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble、Dong Fang Xiao Tai Yang、FunCappella Kids、Windy City Kids、Star's Echo、Natus Online A Cappella
 Bronze Medal: Paiwanpella、Our Song Vocal Band
 Best Stage Performance: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Creative Custume: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Senior/Teenager Interactive: Natus Online A Cappella
 Best Teenager Group: A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Future Star: Taipei Fu-hsing Ensemble
 Adjudicators Prize: Pan Bo Yan–Windy City Kids、Zhao Yu Hao–Taichung Children’s Choir
 Best Teacher: Huang Hui Juan、Shang Yi Wen、Huang Chao Wei、Chen Ya Yun、Lin Meng Hui–A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Teenager Lead Singer: Chen Bo Hao–A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band
 Best Teenager Vocal Percussionist: Chiu Bo Sheng–A-Gou Kids A Cappella Band、Wang Yan Hung–Pingtung Xinyi Elementary School

Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize: Save Armpit Hair
 Gold Medal Second Prize: Popphone Singers
 Gold Medal Third Prize: NaTUral Singers
 Gold Medal: The Foolish
 Silver Medal: Meet、Speaker、Mei Bao Paradise、BYE BYE BOX
 Bronze Medal: Acadinch、By Chance
 Adjudicators Prize: Mei Bao Paradise
 Best Local Song Performance: Save Armpit Hair–Love is Suspected
 Best Stage Performance: Popphone Singers、The Foolish
 Best Jazz Performance: Save Armpit Hair–Spain
 Best Junior High School Performance: Mei Bao Paradise
 Best High School Performance: Speaker
 The Best Junior High School Teacher: Lin Shu Yi–Mei Bao Paradise
 The Best High School Teacher: Gu Chen Zhen、Chen Wei Yao–Speaker
 The Best University Teacher: Lai Jia Ching、Yeh Xiao En–Save Armpit Hair
 Best Arrangement: Pan Zhi Rong–BYE BYE BOX、Lin Zhe Yu–NaTUral Singers
 Best Lead Singer: Hua Xuan Ching–Save Armpit Hair
 Best Bass: Liu Ti An–Save Armpit Hair
 Best Vocal Percussionist: Cheng Yung Hsin–Save Armpit Hair、Lin Zhe Yu–NaTUral Singers

Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize: Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Second Prize: Gentlewomen
 Gold Medal Third Prize: Second Language
 Gold Medal: BroadBand、Fantasia Vocal Band、Blue Moon、Tipsy Note
 Silver Medal: Fei Vocal Band、Vocalmate、LA Bee
 Adjudicators Prize: Blue Moon
 Best Local Song Performance: Unlimited Power Vocal Band–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It
 Best Stage Performance: Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Jazz Performance: Second Language–It Don’t Mean A Thing、Fantasia Vocal Band–Silence Of Time
 Best Arrangement: Yu Yi Ting–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Compositon: Yu Yi Ting–Even You Hate Onion You Should Eat It–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Lead Singer: Chen Hui Yi–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Bass: Weng Yu Ting–Unlimited Power Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist: Huang Yu Chien–Blue Moon、Ding Yi Heng–Unlimited Power Vocal Band

(In performing order)





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