Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Teenager A Cappella

Venue Date/Time Competition Group
Taipei City Youth Development Office 10/14 (Sun.) 13:30 1. Taichung Children’s Choir–Aca Bear
2. Leca
3. Sima Family
4. New Style
5. Pingtung Super-monkey Kids Group
6. Love Angel
7. Yumin Elementary School
8. Pingtung Sinyi Elementary School Group
9. FunCappella Kids
10. The Voice Of Sunshine
11. Taichung Children’s Choir–Apple Bear
12. HULA Cha Cha
13. Shu Rou Li Yu

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition(Youth Category & Open Category)

Venue Date/Time Category Competition Group
Taipei City Youth Development Office 10/20 (Sat.) 14:00 Youth Group

1. By Chance
2. Fashion Voice A Cappella Group
3. Dominant 7 A Cappella Group
4. SixTeens A Cappella Group
5. Jonny Dope
6. Sebastian Crowd Pete
7. Half Thirteen
8. Vox Kavila
9. Popphone Singers
10. Healers

Open Category

1. La Bee
2. MuseMic Vocal Band
3. Z Voice
4. The Unknown Singers
5. Ring Capella
6. Evolution
7. The Loft
8. Resonance Vocal Band
9. Heaven-Sent Gift

World Contemporary A Cappella Competition (Youth Category & Open Category)

Venue Date/Time Category Competition Group
Taipei City Youth Development Office 10/21 (Sun) 14:00 Youth Group

1. 3rd Price Of Taiwan Competition
2. 2nd Price Of Taiwan Competition
3. Martematic Jazz (Japan)
4. 1st Price Of Taiwan Competition
5. Imagine Vocal Band (Taiwan)

Open Category

1. 1st Price Of Taiwan Competition
2. VSing (Hong Kong)
3. 2nd Price Of Taiwan Competition
4. jmJazz (Hong Kong)
5. Soya (Macao)
6. Chameleon Gakutai (Japan)
7. Whale's Garden (Koren)
8. Chicago Boy (Japan)
9. 3rd Price Of Taiwan Competition
10.  ALTI & BASSI (Italy)

Gala Concert

Venue Date/Time Performance Groups
Taipei Zhongshan Hall 10/22 (Mon.) 19:30 ALTI & BASSI (Italy)

Master Class

Class Time Price
Estill Voice Training 19:00-22:00 Oct 23th

1,500/per person

The ”Tools“ every A Cappella Singer needs to have 19:00-22:00 Oct 24th

Asia Contemporary A Cappella Forum

Date Time Topic Lecturer
10/22(Mon.) 13:00-14:10 Current a cappella scene in Korea Han Sung Mo / Korea
My a cappella journal Jojo Pang / Hong Kong
14:30-15:30 About Vokal.Total competition Patrik Thurner / Austria
A cappella recording production Peter / Singapore
15:50-16:20 Breathing as an instrument MaL / Japan
16:20-17:00 Q&A  

International Group Tour Concert

ALTI & BASSI (Italy)
10/14(Sun.)19:00 Taichung Jazz Festival
10/15(Mon.)19:00 Taoyuan Chang Gung University
10/16(Tue.)15:30 Kaohsiung Cheng Shiu University
10/17(Wed.)19:00 Taoyuan Yuan Ze University
10/18(Thu.)18:30 Taoyuan Chung Yuan University
10/19(Fri.)18:00 Taipei National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
10/23(Tue.)19:00 Taichung Providence University
10/24(Wed.)11:20、14:00 Kaohsiung American School
10/25(Thu.)19:30 Hsinchu National Chiao Tung University
10/26(Fri.)13:25 Taichung Ming-Dao High School
10/27(Sat.)19:30 Miaoli Northern Miaoli Art Center
10/28(Sun.)19:30 Pingtung Pingtung Performing Arts Center
10/03(Wed.)19:30 Kaohsiung Shu-Te University
10/04(Thu.)19:00 Taichung China Medical University
10/17(Wed.)19:30 Taoyuan National Central University
10/18(Thu.)19:30 Chia Yi National Chia Yi University
10/27(Sat.)19:30 Hsinchu Jhudong Elementary School
10/30(Tue.)19:30 Tainan National Chiao Tung University

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Eric Kim (Korea)
  • Yan Ren Shiuan (Taiwan)
  • Yeh Wang Chou (Taiwan)
  • Patrik Thurner (Austria)
  • Han Sung-Mo (Korea)
  • Jojo Pang (Hong Kong)
  • Pan Hsien Jung (Taiwan)
  • Jen Yeh (Taiwan)
  • MaL (Japan)
  • Peter Huang (Singapore)
  • Jia-Ching Lai (Taiwan)
  • Mike Tseng (Taiwan)
  • Wang Hsi-Chuan (Taiwan)
  • Sylvia Lin (Taiwan)

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:The Loft
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Resonance Vocal Band
 Gold Medal Third Prize:The Unknown Singers
 Gold Medal:La Bee
 Silver Medal:Z voice、Heaven-sent gift
 Bronze Medal:Ring capella、Evolution
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Jhang Yu Han-Resonance Vocal Band

 Best Singer:The Loft-Jesse Wagner
 Best Arrangement:Chiou En-Resonance Vocal Band
Best Jazz Interpretation:The Loft
Best Chinese Song Interpretation:The Loft
Best Stage Performance:The Loft

Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Dominant7 A cappella group
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Half Thirteen
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Popphone Singers
 Silver Medal:By Chance、Jonny Dope、Vox Kavila、Healers
 Bronze Medal:Fashion Voice A Cappella Group、SixTeens A cappella group、Sebastian Crowd Pete
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Siang Jyun Ning-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Singer:Wang Wei Jieh-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Arrangement:Lin Jhe Yu-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Jazz Interpretation:Half Thirteen-Wo Yao Ni De Ai
 Best Chinese Song Interpretation:Dominant7 A cappella group-Bieh Jhao Wo Ma Fan
 Best Stage Performance:Dominant7 A cappella group

World Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Open Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Chameleon Gakutai
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Whale's Garden
 Gold Medal Third Prize:Alti & Bassi
 Gold Medal:Vsing、jmJazz、Chicago Boy、The Unknown Singers
 Silver Medal:The Loft、Resonance Vocal Band
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Whale's Garden-Hyunchul Jang
 Best Singer:Alti & Bassi-D.Saltarella
 Best Composition:Alti & Bassi
 Best Arrangement:Alti & Bassi
 Best Jazz Interpretation:Alti & Bassi
 Best Stage Performance:Chameleon Gakutai

World Contemporary A Cappella Competition-Youth Category
 Gold Medal First Prize:Dominant7 A cappella group
 Gold Medal Second Prize:Imagine Vocal Band
 Silver Medal:Popphone Singers、Half Thirteen、Martematic Jazz
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Siang Jyun Ning-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Singer:Wang Wei Jieh-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Arrangement:Lin Jhe Yu-Dominant7 A cappella group
 Best Jazz Interpretation:Martematic Jazz
 Best Stage Performance:Dominant7 A cappella group

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory


O-KAI Singers was established in 2004 and have been invited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Dongguan, Wuxi, Changzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia cities to touring performances. It has set a record of winning record for A Cappella International Competition, up to thirty-six world awards at home and abroad. In 2018 also became CHVOCALS signed artistO-KAI includes Jen, Pata, Sean, Hey-Hey four members.

2017 vokal.total - International A Cappella Competition Graz, Austria
Jazz World Gold Medal﹞ (unprecedented Chinese awards)
2016 International Contemporary A Cappella Festival, Taiwan
World Cup_﹝Gold Medal﹞﹝Best Vocal Award﹞﹝Best Stage Award﹞
2016 BOHOL International Choir Festival & Competitions, Philippines
Gold Medal﹞_POP/JAZZ
2016 Hong Kong International A Cappella Contest, China
Gold Medal﹞_Open DivisionVocal Band (International)

The first album “O-Kai A Cappella” won:

24th GMA 2013﹝Jury Award﹞﹝Best Group Award﹞﹝Best Aboriginal Album Award﹞, Taiwan
24th GMA 2013﹝Best Newcomer Award﹞﹝Best Album Producer Award﹞﹝Best Arranger Award﹞ nomination, Taiwan
CASA named CARAs 2013﹝Best Jazz Album﹞, USA
Chinese Musicians’ Association﹝Ten Best Albums of 2012﹞, Taiwan

Golden Melody Awards)A music rewards event with both honor and influence in Chinese regions.
*CASAThe Contemporary A Cappella Society: American Contemporary A Cappella Association, a trusted nonprofit marketing organization, USA.
*CARAsContemporary A Cappella Recording Awards:The world's only A Cappella recording award, called the A Cappella world's Grammy Award.

O-KAI Top Songs Preview:Click here or click the link below



By Chance

Acapella in Wunsan high school means a group,a bunch of people who hold microphones all the time and full of passion. We spread their enthusiam and bring the most powerful performance to you. Every member wants to get into this group must get through a strict audition.We persist on every note and every beat. We never stop particing even though the typhoon or raining days.

Fashion Voice A cappella Group

Fashion Voice A Cappella Group was formed because of the elective course “Vocal Jazz: A Cappella Singing (II).” It is composed of seven music-loving students of Department of Music, National Sun Yat-Sen University, each of them comes from different countries, cities, and majors in different instruments. Despite the fact that every member has various backgrounds and professions, Fashion Voice intends to share their enthusiasm toward music through A Cappella, which only uses the instrument that we’re born with, and create wonderful memories between group members. Fashion Voice A Cappella Group was once invited to the Music Week at NSYSU, and performed at 2018 A Capella Concert of Ten Schools in Southern Taiwan.

Dominant 7 A cappella Group

Having different backgrounds, but we have the same determination about a cappella music. It took us time to get together. We want to share the delight of singing a cappella to everyone. Dominant7, made up by seven members with the devotion in a cappella, will bring you guys an unique performance.

SixTeens A cappella Group

SixTeens is a A capella group, which is composed with six high school students. The members love music very much,so we get together. The name "SixTeens" means "six teenagers". Exatly, the members met each others when they were six-teen. We're here to sing for the love to music.

Jonny Dope

Hey, guys! We are a group of classmates who have passion on singing and performing from National Feng-Hsin Senior High School. Most of the group members are fresh to try Acapella. In the process of practicing, we learn from each other, the more we sing, the more we like it, so we finally decided to form a group to attend the contest for our very first experience, to see a more formal and perfessional stage. We are called "Jonny Dope". Why? Now is the time for us to explain the origin of this cool name. We always have lots of fun during practicing, and many of our members are talktive, the relationship of us is awesome, however, that's the reason why we always forget to bring music sheet for practicing. Thus, to force group members to remember this, we just called ourself "Johnny Dope!" It's hailrious, but it's very easy to be noticed by everyone. We hope that you can enjoy our performance, thank you all!

Sebastian Crowd Pete

We are students now studying in Applied Music Department at Tainan National University of Art. We are interested in A Cappella's music and want to feel more fun, so we decided to form a group. The origin of the group name was also very amazing. At the time, two of the members suddenly picked up a song during the chat. One of the two felt good. Then he asked who the singer was and another said that Crowd. According to the person named Sabbastin is derived from Johann Sebastian Bach. And the word Bit sounds like beat. Although the origin of the name is a little bit ridiculous, but it sounds interesting. So we set it up. Our vocal configuration is TTBB and a vocal percussion. We hope to be inspired in the cultivation of this music.

Half Thirteen

HalfThirteen is an acappella group from Stella Maris high school in Hualien. Sopranos Cynthia and Vicky, Alto Anita, Tenor lan, Bass Eric and vocal percussion Kangchen. The first generation member of this group are going to graduate now, thus, they have recruited new members to constitute a different group. Through their constant practice and the instruction given by teachers, they have come a long way, getting good grades in competition held by TCMC. The reason why they called HalfThirteen is because half thirteen also means six and half, actually, they have seven members,but when it comes to the day of performance or competition, there are always only six members. No matter six or seven, they can create beautiful and touched music.

Vox Kavila

The members of the “Vox Kavila” group are Bunun from many tribes at the foot of Yu-Shan Mountain in Nantou. They all participated in the Taiwan Vox Nativa chorus in primaryschool.Member after mutation and entrance gate, retains the love of singing, so in A cappella group was founded in November 2017, named "Vox Kavila" (VK). Kavila, in Bunun tribe were means “play", means love singing children to play.

Popphone Singers

The alternate black and white "Zebra Crossing" Chinese name of the Popphone Singers, synchronize with colours of the piano keys which expresses the passion in music of the group from Shih Hsin University Chorus of Taipei, Taiwan. Where the Popphone Singers are comprised of current members of the University Chorus Group, graduating students are refreshed every year with newcomers, also known as new "zebras", sustianing the unique energy enthusiasm and creativity.


We are a group of students who love Akabella and hope our enthusiasm and music will impress everyone.

La Bee

La Bee a cappella is a vocal group supported by the Pingtung County Government. The group consists of seven members, who are music teachers and vocal coach from different schools. La bee a Cappella is a new vocal group formed in Southern Taiwan and the group is participating in a competition on behalf of the Pingtung county for the first time this year.

MuseMic Vocal Band

MuseMic was founded in 2016, who won the gold medal, Best Stage Performance, Best Jazz Interpretation in 2017 Taiwan International Vocal Festival A Cappella Competition. Apart from the performances on campus, MuseMic also cooperates with different organizations off campus to gain more experience. As one of few acapella groups in southern Taiwan, MuseMic not only dedicates to improving their live performances, but also devotes themselves to writing original songs and covering popular songs. Their styles include country music, pop music, jazz…etc., and they also try multiple languages such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal languages, and English. By exposing themselves in various materials, MuseMic hopes to find more inspiration and discover new possibilities in the field of a cappella.

Z voice

Hello, everyone we are "z voice." It's so honor to join the Acapella competition. We will do our best and hope you guys enjoy our music! Thank you very much!

The Unknown Singers

Established in basement, by a bunch of university students. During these days, we built a high passion for A Capella music and our inner teamwork to make different genre in our performances and contests. As our group name,we maintain and enjoy our determination for music while we are still looking for our own musical style.

Ring capella

Ring capella established in 2018.5. Most of the members graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Shu-Te University. We love singing. We hope we can have a stage to perform acapella. We were also members of The Shu-Te Glee Club, which is a choir group in university. The moments in Glee Club, we have already built the foundation of our music and we have great chemistry with each other.Although choir is different from acapella, they are essentially the same. We are looking forward to trying a different style of music and keep challenging our possibilities.


With a love for A Cappella, we got together.Everyone’s singing is not perfect.But "Evolution" is an evolution, a change.In the chorus, we fill in each other's imperfections.Then step by step evolution, together close to perfect.I look forward to seeing you in our singing.Hear sharing and care,Hearing and warmth,Heard youth and joy,Hear happiness and joy.

The Loft

A new combination, coming from 6 different walks of life, intersecting six unique voices to form one pure sound. We often hide a part of ourselves, tucked safely away in the attic, preserving our most precious possessions, presently, our gift of music. We bring it now, down from its lofty hideaway, to share with you.

Resonance Vocal Band

We have stayed together since 2016 because of the resonance of music and hope to deliver our sounds to everyone.
We sing in different genres ranging from classical to pop music and usually put aboriginal musical elements in the songs, expressing unique Taiwan’s voice.

Heaven-sent gift

Heaven-sent gift vocal band is composed by a group of music-loving and playful big kids.We come from different industries.Ray Chu is our music teacher and Alohilani Qin teaches us spirit. A cappella creates another stage for us and enriches our lives.We would like to share the joy of life to the whole world and create a better world.

Imagine Vocal Band

Imagine is formed by students from wanfang senior high school, to be more specific, we are all from the acappella club in our school. Some of us dream big, some of us joined because of the movie Pitch Perfect, but the main reason that pushed us together, is that our passion for music. Acappella is what we chose to express our love towards music, IMAGINE what we can do with our voices. Just like the saying goes, human voice is the best instrument in the entire world. Imagine what we can bring to the crowd. Imagine what we can spread with our music. Imagine a world without pain and  discrimination, there is only song being sung and everyone bursting with joy. Just imagine that.


SOUNDS GOOD was formed in Summer of 2016 when music lovers from various background came together. In October 2017, they've participated in Taiwan International Contemporary A cappella competition for the first time, and won the gold medal in the open category of the year. They also received silver medals in the Hong Kong A cappella Contest of 2017 and Vienna’s vokal. total. in 2018.

Taichung Children’s Choir-Aca Bear

With creative music teaching, professional chorus training and vocal & body rhythm training courses, develop children’s self-confidence and let them enjoy different kind of chorus performances!


We are "Leca" A Cappella Group. We sing happily. Please join us and have fun.

Sima Family

Hi, we are "Sima Family" A Cappella Group. This is the first time we participate in the contest. We would like to share joy and happiness with you through A Cappella.

New Style

We are “New style A Cappella” from Pingtung. The group consist of 10 teenagers who practiced and learned about Aka from a great group “Agou-Kid A Cappella” many years.
Because of singing Aka, it is so joyful for us!
No matter how windy, rainy or big sunny it is, we are always passionate about singing.
We take a lot effort to practice hardly and rehearse all evening time and time again to achieve the moment of bloom on the stage!
Presenting the beautiful vocal melody to audience is wonderful thing for us. We hope our passion for music can spark a light of Aka in everyone's heart!

Super-Monkey Kids Group

Although we don't have the talents of musical intelligence and the basics skill of music theory from a young age, we are gathered together because of the love of singing.
We are willing to learn and take great efforts to sing Aka.
In order to weave our musical dreams, we practice singing diligently and try harder.
One day we absolutely can stand on the stage and sing elegant and pleasing songs!

Love Angel

Voice of “Love Angel”, so pure and clear which is wonderful gift from God.From heaven down to the earth and convey love and joyfulness.
It is “Love Angel” full of joyfulness. It is cheers of Praise full of grace.We love singing and sing together and praise.We are touched by those joyfulness and would like to share to all of you.
We are “Love Angel”, singing with Angel’s voice and convey joyfulness, love and blessing.

Yumin Elementary School

Yumin Elementary School choir has been established for many years and get many excellent awards in a National Student Music Chorus Competition.Set up a cappella vocal group this year, members from the six Grade choir students, teaching by Teacher Wang.
We are a group of children who love singing in the vocal group, we cooperate with each other and learn to listen. It's the happiest thing to sing a cappella together. We are young and energetic,courage does not shrink back.Hoping to get more people to hear our voices.

Sinyi Elementary School Group

The purpose of the orchestra's establishment is to make it easier for children to approach music, enjoy pure vocal singing, open up children’s interest in music, and lay a foundation for the truth, goodness, and beauty of humanity. And through the beautiful musical art, children are able to broaden their horizons, to provide an opportunity to explore and to break through themselves. It makes the children touch them with a confident voice and an angel-like bright smile and shining eyes that convey the positive energy of happiness.

FunCappella Kids

Hi,We are FunCappella Kids.We are a children's A Cappella group who got together through our teacher, Christna.We took singing classes and training sessions together.The classes were fun and made us fell in love with A Cappella singing!We are young, but age wont stop us from learning and trying.We are here to do our favorite thing, SINGING!We'd like to spread our joy to all of you with our voices.

The Voice of Sunshine

We are eight students from fifth and sixth grade in NTTUES. We met each other because we all joined the school chorus. Except weekly practices, we are also fascinated by unaccompanied vocal chorus and vocal percussion. Therefore, we plucked up our courage and form an A Cappella group. We will sing with our heart and let our voice shines like the sun.

Taichung Children’s Choir-Apple Bear

In order to promote the beauty of chorus, to cultivate children's interest in music; to enlighten children's self-confidence on the stage, Taichung Children's Choir help children deepen their exploration of the mystery, experience and beauty of sound.

HULA Cha Cha

HULA Cha Cha is an a cappella group named by 4 kids' last name. They love to sing and play music. Beside of singing in the choir, some of them are studying in music talented class, majoring in cello and violin; others are very fond of Beat Box. Robin Wong, the instructor of the group, has been singing as vocal bass in a cappella for many years; in addition to performances, he continues to be invested in the teaching and promotion of a cappella.

Shu Rou Li Yu

Hi, We are "Shu Rou Li Yu" a cappella Group. There are adults and teenagers in our team, who are passionate, active, tender and innocent. We would like to spread joy and love to all of you.


 ALTI & BASSI are an “a cappella” quintet which started its activity in 1994 in Milan. In the intervening years, they have been extremely busy in concerts organised by prestigious musical associations and institutions and have been the guests of I Pomeriggi Musicali in Milan, the season Notturni a Villa Simonetta, the Festival della canzone italiana anni ’40/’50 at the Palazzo Reale, Turin, the Umberto Giordano Festival in Baveno (VB), the Festival di Sanremo della Canzone Jazzata in Sanremo, the Accademia Corale S. Tempia at the Conservatoire in Turin, the musical marathon “La Musica è per tutti” (Music is for Everyone) organized by Amadeus in the Giuseppe Verdi Room at the Conservatoire in Milan, the Accademia Filarmonica di Messina in the Teatre Annibale di Francia, la Musa Leggera in the Haydn Auditorium in Bolzano, the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona, Teatro Manzoni in Pistoia, Teatro Saschall in Florence, the Visioninmusica season in the Gazzoli Auditorium in Terni, at the Stagione Concertistica del Teatro Rossini in Pesaro, the Accademia Filarmonica Romana at the Teatro Argentina in Rome, and the “Musica e il vento” show at Pantelleria., They have been invited to participate at the fifth edition of the music festival MI.TO. Settembre Musica 2011 at the Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan. They have been guests many times at Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan.

ALTI & BASSI have taken part in many TV shows, for example “Good Vibrations” on Tele+3, “Roxy Bar” on Videomusic, “Buona Domenica” presented by L. Cuccarini in 1996 and, in 2006, they were guests of Maurizio Costanzo on “Tutte Le Mattine” on Canale 5 and “Alle due su Raiuno” presented by Paolo Limiti. They have been the voices behind a number of advertising jingles, television signature tunes such as Perepepè, the programme hosted by Gene Gnocchi on Rai Due, the signature tune “Pausette” and some Christmas themes for La Sette TV, “Le Cocche” for Lei and the closing theme in “Un amore di strega”, a fiction on Canale 5 with Alessia Marcuzzi. They have been invited for the Telethon marathon on Rai Uno with Milliy Carlucci and Fabrizio Frizzi.

They have also taken part in many radio shows: Rock FM, Radio Svizzera Italiana, Radio Classica, “Nick and the NightFly” on Radio Capital and Montecarlo Night on Radio Montecarlo presented by Nick the Night Fly, “Kitchen” on Radio Deejay hosted by Andrea Pezzi, Caffelatte news with Paolo, Lester and Alfonso Signorini as presenters on Radio Montecarlo.
They have been interviewed by Lifegate Radio, 101, Radio RAI Uno and Radio RAI Tre, they have been guests of “Notturno Italiano” on Radio RAI International and Grammelot and Piazza Verdi, live, on Radio RAI Tre. Radio FMPalermo di Buenos Aires has devoted a number of special programmes to ALTI & BASSI. In 2006 Fiorello broadcast a number of excerpts from the album MEDLEY during two episodes of Viva Radio DUE. From May 2016 they collaborate with Nino Frassica on “Programmone” on Radio Rai 2. Since September 2016 Alti & Bassi’s are radio conductors of “ONDERADIO” on Radio Svizzera Italiana (RSI – Rete Uno) every Saturday at 4 pm.

The group was also invited to several international festivals such as Voice Mania in 1998, 2000 and 2006 in Vienna, the A Cappella Festival, in Zug, Switzerland, Pure Voices in Kateldorf, Leitha, VokalTotal in Graz (2008 and 2017). Radio Svizzera Italiana has invited ALTI & BASSI to Locarno for the festival “Notte di mezza estate” (Midsummer Night) in Mendrisio. In 2015 Alti & Bassi sang in Budapest, at Budapest Jazz Club and in an important concert at Istituto Italiano di Cultura all’estero. In 2017 they represented Italy at International festival of Music of Izmir (Turkey), invited by the Consolato d’Italia in Turchia.


They produced 6 albums:
– Il Mito Americano (1998), presented by Lucia Mannucci and Virgilio Savona of Quartetto Cetra
– Il Favoloso Gershwin (2001), presented by Lelio Luttazzi
– Take Five! (2002), presented by Franco Cerri
– Medley (2006), presented by Paolo Conte
– Io ho in mente te (2009), with Bruno De Filippi, Franco Cerri, Emilio Soana, Lino Patruno, Nando de Luca e Andrea Dulbecco as special guests.
– La nave dei sogni (2015), presented by Renzo Arbore.
In 2018 they will release:
- Ce l’avevo quasi fatta (all original songs, 11 May 2018)
- The Best Of (September 2018)

ALTI & BASSI were awarded the Quartetto Cetra Prize in 1998 and the Prize in honour of Renato Carosone in 2006. In 2015 are assigned to the new album “La Nave dei Sogni” two nominations to the CARA, the most important prize worldwide dedicated to a cappella music, such as “Best Jazz Album” and “Best European Album”. In january 2016 The Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles was awarded to “La nave dei sogni” by Alti & Bassi as Best A Cappella song. In July 2017 Alti & Bassi are ranked third in Pop Competition at Vokal Total 2017 in Graz.

ALTI & BASSI are: Andrea Thomas Gambetti, Paolo Bellodi, Alberto Schirò, Diego Saltarella and Filippo Tuccimei.

Martematic Jazz

The group's motto is to “deliver unique and innovative music from Kyoto, Marutamachi”, so the word “martematic” means “from Marutamachi”. It has only been a year since we started our music activities, so we are very honored to be able to perform in such a special event like this.
Our songs mainly come from screen musics and our arrangements are inspired by so many vocal jazz groups (TAKE 6, Accent, m-pact, SLIXS etc.) Our songs also have a lot of gimmicks unique to music using human voices.Furthermore, we had a chance to meet Professor Yumiko Matsuoka (the professor at Berklee College of Music and the arranger of the vocal jazz group Vox One.) last year, and thankfully she praised our works when we performed in front of her.Since it's the first time we're performing outside of Japan, we can’t wait to meet everyone on the stage!! Hopefully you'll enjoy our show.


VSing is a 6-member, one of the few fully professional a cappella group based in Hong Kong. Known for their imaginative and intricate musical arrangements, as well as their versatility across musical genres, VSing aims to emerge as a fresh and exciting new voice in the growing Hong Kong a cappella scene and the general Hong Kong music scene at large. Despite having only been formed one year, VSing has already garnered media attention from multiple fronts.All rising musicians in their own rights, VSing consists of vocal teacher/performer Sharon Lee, music production up-and-comer Ivy Hung, composer/arranger/producer/ conductor/performer Anna Lo, a cappella teachers and performers Vincent Cheung and Gilbert Wong, and beatbox instructor Justin "ChickenToe" Lau.To emphasize a cappella music's unique quality of using just the human voice, as well as to underscore each member's unique voice, they have chosen “吾聲”, which means “our voices”, as the Chinese name of the group. It is with these voices that they hope to connect to the wider community, and to promote this burgeoning music genre that is a cappella.


Coming from Hong Kong, jmJazz is a newly formed vocal group. Its members enjoy having avocado bagels as post-rehearsal treats.


We are Soya Acappella from Macau. Our group is form by different acappella lovers. Our members are from different careers and Acappella gathers us together. We sing and play in the Acappella world. In the future, we hope more people know about accapella.


Hi, we are Chameleon Gakutai from Japan. Japan has many unique cultures, like chameleons. We will try our best to express our Japanese voice. We hope you like them! If you like us, check out our YouTube channel! http://t.cn/RsBTi9h

Whale's Garden

Whale’s Garden is a professional a cappella group from Republic of Korea, consisting of five members: Hyunjeong Jang, Soyeon Park, Sunghyun Chun, Hyunchul Jang, and Hong Seok Choi.The Group was founded in the year of 2017, but it did not take long to get their feet on the firm ground because most of the members have professional vocal background. Currently the group is performing at the local festivals and live clubs around Seoul

Chicago Boy

Chicago Boy is a Japanese a cappella group, and they are all alumni of Waseda University A Cappella Club, "Street Corner Symphony (SCS)." Kaichiro Kitamura of TION is a fellow alumni of SCS as well. All 6 members of the group, which was established in 2014, are amateur singers, and have full-time jobs. They gather once a month to rehearse, and perform in gigs and festivals in Tokyo a couple of times a year. Their repertoire consists of a variety of genres; Jazz, Japanese Pop, and Contemporary R&B to name a few. They participated in last years’ Incheon Airport World A Cappella Competition, and won Silver Prize. They boast 4 soloists (SATB), accompanied by a very talented rhythm section. Their tight harmony and groovy chorus are sure to make the audience get up on their feet and DANCE! This is only their second performance outside of Japan, so please give them a warm welcome!!

Class Time Price
Estill Voice Training 19:00-22:00 Oct 23th

NT$ 1,500 / per person

The ”Tools“ every A Cappella Singer needs to have 19:00-22:00 Oct 24th