The 2012 Taiwan International Vocal Festival will spark a series of brilliant competitions this October. In addition to the ongoing Contemporary A Cappella Competition Division, and the New Spiritual Choral Competition inaugurated in 2011 for those over 50 years old, which aims to nurture a love for spiritedsinging.

Let us subvert conservatism in choral music, express diversity through art, and discover new frontiers of the human voice. This year, we are making the competition global in scope in order to discover a new world of boundless,cosmopolitan choral singing.

New Spiritual Choral Competition---Happy 50

Venue Date/Time Competition Groups
New Taipei City Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall     10/6(Sat)13:30

1.Sioulang Philharmonic Chorus - Taiwan
2.Lotus Choir - Taiwan
3.Li Yuan Ladies Chorus - Taiwan
4.Taipei Women Chamber Choir - Taiwan
5.Taipei Municipal Chorus - Taiwan
6.Taipei City Yuei-Yo Chorus - Taiwan
7.Chunghwa Telecom Chorus - Taiwan
8.YongHe Philharmonic Chorus - Taiwan
9.Nei- Hu Community College (NHCC) Chorus - Taiwan
10.Yi-Phone mixed chorus - Taiwan
11.Chunan choir - Taiwan

New Spiritual Choral Competition Winners’ Concert

Venue Date/Time Performance Groups
New Taipei City Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall      10/6(Sat)19:30

The top six choirs of New Spiritual Choral Competition

TCMC Academic exchanges seminar

Date Time Activities


09:00-09:30 Register


09:30-09:40 Introduction
09:40-10:40 Symposium(I)
Subject:New Lively Choirs
Hostess:Chen Yun Hung、Ray Chu(Each 30 minutes.)
10:40-11:00 Pause
11:00-12:00 Symposium(II)
Subject:Choral Competition Teaching Share
Hostess:Rita Lu
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:30 Register
13:30-13:40 Introduction
13:30-14:40 Symposium(III)
Subject:Body Developing
Hostess:Rita Chang
14:40-15:00 Pause
15:00-16:30 Special lecture
Speaker:Chen Yun Hung、Ray Chu 、Rita Lu
Hostess:Weng Shih Meng
16:10-17:00 Tea Time
17:00 End

First Round of Contemporary World Cup Competition

Venue Date/Time Categories Competition Groups
Guangfu Auditorium
of Zhongshan Hall
10/13(Sat)14:30 Youth’s group

1.Echo Singers – Taiwan
2.Awesome - Taiwan
3.Popphone Singers - Taiwan
4.D.C. - Taiwan
5.Just Vocal Band - Taiwan
6.Green Light - Taiwan
7.T.O.P.D VOIZE - Taiwan

Social group

1.Vocal Injection – Taiwan
2.Blis-sing - Taiwan
3.The Corner - Taiwan
4.The Heaven-sent - Taiwan
5.Natural Q - Taiwan
6.Safak – Taiwan
7.The Octangle Singers - Taiwan
8.Sure Singers - Taiwan
9.Chocolate A Cappella Band - Taiwan
10.Cube Singers - Taiwan
11.One Plus One - Taiwan

Demo Group Singers - Denmark

Final Round of Contemporary World Cup Competition

Venue Date/Time Competition Groups
Guangfu Auditorium
of Zhongshan Hall

1.EXIT - Korea
2.Youth’s group_1st Prize - Gold Medel -Taiwan
3.The Glue - Swiss
4.Set Tone Men - Hong Kong
5.Singers - Denmark
6.Sonic Suite - Germany
7.Social group_2nd Prize – Gold Medal
8.Youth’s group_2nd Prize – Gold Medal
9.Singer Street – Hungary
10.Social group_1st Prize - Gold Medel -Taiwan

Demo Group

The Glue - Swiss

Gala Concert

Venue Date/Time Performance Groups
Taipei Zhongshan Hall 10/15(Mon)19:30 1.Singer Street – Hungary
2.Sonic Suite - Germany

International Groups Tour Concert

  Venue Date/Time Performance Groups
1 St. John's University 10/15(Mon)15:00 The Glue
2 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 10/15(Mon)19:00 Singers
3 MingDao University 10/16(Tue)19:00 Sonic Suite
4 Chung Hua University 10/16(Tue)19:30 Singers
5 National Central University 10/16(Tue)19:30 Singer Street
6 Kainan University  10/17(Wed)19:00 Singer Street
7 National Chiao Tung University 10/17(Wed)19:00 The Glue
8 National Chin-Yi University of Technology 10/17(Wed)19:00 Sonic Suite
9 Mingdao High School 10/18(Thu)15:05 Sonic Suite
10 Cheng Shiu University 10/18(Thu)15:30 Singer Street
11 Providence University 10/18(Thu)19:00 The Glue
12 Shih Hsin University 10/19(Fri)19:00 Singers
13 Ming-Dao High School 10/19(Fri)15:05 The Glue
14 National Dong Hwa University 10/19(Fri)19:00 Sonic Suite
15 Beitou Grand View Resort 10/20(Sat)19:30 Sonic Suite
16 Taichung Jazz Festival 10/20(Sat)19:00 The Glue
17 China Medical University 10/22(Mon)19:00 Singer Street
18 Chang Jung Christian University 10/23(Tue)19:00 The Glue
19 National Cheng Kung University 10/23(Tue)19:30 Sonic Suite
20 Taitung Arts Festival 10/23(Tue)19:30 Singer Street
21 National Chiayi University 10/24(Wed)19:30 Singer Street
22 I-Shou University 10/24(Wed)19:00 The Glue
23 Chang Jung Girls’ Senior High School 10/25(Thu)15:10 Singer Street
24 Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County 10/27(Sat)19:30 The Glue

International Master Classes

Class Date Price  
Group Coaching     10/16 (Tue.) 13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30 NT 5,000/ Group/1.5 hour Taking two classes can be 10% off.
Group Coaching 10/17 (Wed.)
Jazz Singing 10/16 (Tue.) 19:00-22:00 NT 1,500/per person Taking two classes costs NT2000 dollars per person.
Jazz Choir Rehearsal Techniques 10/17 (Wed.) 19:00-22:00 NT 1,500/per person
Individual Master Class 10/16 (Tue.) Morning NT 4,000/per person/per hour Please call and make a reservation.
10/17 (Wed.)

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

  • Jian-Qi Chen (Taiwan)
  • Meng-Hui Lin (Taiwan)
  • Fung-Norman (Taiwan)
  • Jia-Ching Lai (Taiwan)
  • Chu Yu-Chang (Taiwan)
  • Patrick Chiu (Hong Kong)
  • Johan Rooze (Netherlands)
  • Michele Weir (America)

New Spiritual Catagory

  • Chia-Fen Weng (Taiwan)
  • Yu-Chang Chu (Taiwan)
  • Chia-Fen Weng (Taiwan)
  • Shih-Wei Wu (Taiwan)
  • Tscheng-Hsiung Chen (Taiwan)
  • Dai Jinquan (Taiwan)

The result of 2012 World Contemporary A Cappella Competition ‘Youth Group’ -  First Round

The First Prize - Gold Medal:Just Vocal Band
The Second Prize– Gold Medal:Popphone Singers
The Third Prize – Gold Medal:T.O.P.D VOIZE
Silver Medal:D.C.
Bronze Medal:Echo Singers、Green Light
Best Chinese Interpretation:Popphone Singers (The Forgotten Period)
Best Stage Performance:Just Vocal Band
Best Jazz Interpretation:T.O.P.D VOIZE (Walking down the street)
Best Singer:Lai Yi Heng (Just Vocal Band)
Best Vocal Percussionist:Lo Shao Yu (Just Vocal Band)

The result of 2012 World Contemporary A Cappella Competition ‘Social Group’ -  First Round 

The First Prize - Gold Medal:N/A
The Second Prize– Gold Medal:Safak 、Sure Singers
The Third Prize – Gold Medal: Natural Q
Gold Medal:Blis-sing, The Corner、Cube Singers
Silver Medal:Vocal Injection, The Octagonal Tower、Chocolate A Cappella Band, One Plus One
Bronze Medal:The Heaven-sent
Best Chinese Interpretation:The Corner (Yun Shui Chan Xin)
Best Hankkuang Interpretation:Cube Singers (Yun Shui Chan Xin)
Best Stage Performance:Sure Singers
Best Jazz Interpretation:Sure Singers (Sing Sing Sing)
Best Composition:Safak (Under the Starlights)
Best Singer:Guo Zi Yu (Safak)
Best Vocal Percussionist:Liu Cheng Jie (Natural Q)

The result of 2012 World Contemporary A Cappella Competition Final Round 

The First Prize - Gold Medal:Singer Street(Hungary)
The Second Prize– Gold Medal:Singers(Denmark)
The Third Prize – Gold Medal:Sonic Suite(Germany)
Gold Medal:EXIT(Korea), The Glue(Swiss), Sure Singers(Taiwan)
Silver Medal:Set Tone Men(Hong Kong), Safak(Taiwan)
Bronze Medal:Just Vocal Band(Taiwan)   Popphone Singers(Taiwan)
Best Stage Performance:Singer Street(Hungary)  Sure Singers(Taiwan)
Best Jazz Interpretation:Singers( Perfect Stranger/ Denmark)
Best Composition:Frieder Schmidt(Sonic Suite/Germany)
Best Singer:Mads Enggaard(Singers/Denmark), Mith Maike (Sonic Suite/Germany)
Best Vocal Percussionist:Indra Tedjasukmana(Sonic Suite/Germany)

The result of 2012 World New Spiritual Competition Happy 50

Gold medal:Taipei Women Chamber Choir
 Silver medal:Sioulang Philharmonic Chorus, Lotus Choir, Taipei Municipal Chorus, Chunghwa Telecom Chorus,
                        Nei- Hu Community College (NHCC) Chorus
 Bronze medal:Li Yuan Ladies Chorus, Taipei City Yuei-Yo Chorus, YongHe Philharmonic Chorus,
                           Yi-Phone Mixed Chorus, Chunan Choir 
Special Judges’ Award: Chunan Choir
Best Stage Performance: Taipei Women Chamber Choir
Best Hanguang Interpretation: Taipei Women Chamber Choir
Best Conductor: Yu Tai Shan (Sioulang Philharmonic Chorus)

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory

Just Vocal Band

We are a group of people who loves singing. We believe that we can create beautiful and touching music with vocal voice. A cappella!We’re Just Vocal Band.


Our team name is the AWESOME, means amazing, we expect this team gives the impression that in the performance is well and surprising .

AWESOME this word is also encouraging the members in practice .There are seven women and one man of the members, loving to sing the acappella and very interested, although very few opportunities can contact the acappella, through this competition, we can better understand the acappella , we will come up with the enthusiasm to practice hard. Seven women and one man is rare distribution, so we hope that this combination can bring the different sound effects.


TOPDVOIZE was formed in March 2012. We consist of 3 girls and 2 boys, all from Tainan National University of The Arts. The name TOPDVOIZE is written using our initials (T,P,D,V,Z),representing us as a team, for each and every one of us plays an equally important role in this team. Lastly we are a bunch of music lovers hoping to express ourselves and to bring joy to the world through our voices.

This is our first time participating in this competition, not only we are here to challenge ourselves but also to learn from other participants. We believe that this will be a very good exposure for all of us .


D.C. is made up of two guys and girls, with the name meaning double chorus. D.C. in music terminology also means back to the beginning. We believe in using the human voice to create a connection with people in their busy lives nowadays. And with our passion for singing, we hope to reach out to everyone with our music.

Echo Singers

Echo Singers is one of the A cappella music group organized and trained by Pingtung County Government in 2011. All of the members from it are high school students in Pingtung County. Altough they are very young, they still love A cappella fully with passion.  Let's expect their "new" voice!

Green Light

Pingtung County Government started selecting and training trainees of A cappella music group last year. Owing to the new members who joined the group in 2012, Green Light was established. It consists chiefly of high school students from Pingtung County. Although It is relatively new, members of Green Light still perform aggressively. Not only to sing with joy, but to win awards!

Popphone Singers

The alternate black and white〝 Zebra Crossing〞Chinese name of the Popphone Singers, synchronize with colours of the piano keys which expresses the passion in music of the group from Shin Hsin University Chorus in Taipei, Taiwan. Where the Popphone Singers are comprised of current members of the University Chorus Group, graduating students are refreshed every year with newcomers, also known as new〝 zebras〞, sustianing the unique energy enthusiasm creativity.



What we aim for is the happiness while we sing.

What we aim for is the happiness we could bring while we sing.

 A cappella, group singing without instrumental sound, is the way how we show our magic presenting diversity of songs. Since 2006, our performances stepped foot on great numbers of stages in Taiwan, even Korea. By the purest sound of voice, we present a festival of hearing.

 At 2007, the very first time that Blis-sing stood onto the contest stage held by TCMC, and won the third price. Ever since then, we never stop to challenge how far we could reach to have fun and enjoy the music, especially ourselves. Also have we presented our performance by any chances and every corner, within these experiences, we grew steadily and brought joy and faith directly from heart through our singing.

 “Blis-sing” is an attitude, of how the members considering of singing and living. We might sing irrationally, but absolute by our heart and soul beyond question.


Chocolate A Cappella Band

Chocolate A Cappella Band is organized with a group of friends who familiar with each other’s voice. Chocolate was certified by Kaohsiung County as a formal group of entertainment in February, 2008. We are committed to singing Taiwan folk song since 2010. Expecting to fuse our voice as chocolate that gives all the people comfort.

Vocal Injection

We named ourselves “Vocal Injection,” for we expect to give every audience an injection of warm and hopeful power into their heart through our music!

Vocal Injection is an A Cappella band formed by eight NTNU students in 2010. For we have arranged every single song by our group member, our music contains a feature of diverse, rich and clear harmony.

Most of the songs sung by Vocal Injection are Chinese pop and soft music. We purposely choose Chinese songs, mainly because we want to promote more great Chinese works to be performed in the enchanting A Cappella style. Not only do we determined to make A Cappella, such a lively performing style, become one of the mainstreams in Chinese music industry, but we aimed to make people who only like traditional chorus could feel the artistry of pop music in A Cappella.

Moreover, Vocal Injection have been trying prolific music styles, range from soft, haunting lyrics to the raucous, rocking chords of fast-paced songs, in order to give audience various kinds of musical feast for soul, no matter they are in an auditorium, a cafe, a live house, or an outdoor stage.


The Pure

With the passion for a cappella, students graduated from National Pingtung Senior High School are assembled by their instructor, Chin-Lan Huang, to establish the group, The Pure.

They were once the members of the chorus in school, and still dedicate themselves to limitless possibilities of the vocal sound. These college students regularly come back to their hometown for practicing and experimenting with choral music, blues, and pop.

Natural Q

「Natural Q」 was born in 2010.

Loving singing is the only thing that we have, so we enjoy the moment with every songs and each notes. We are not only friends but more like a family because of singing A Cappella. We sing! We dance! We fight! We love!

"Natural Q" means we sing with our natural voices and we act unpretentious performances. We sing A Cappella for touching people and wish to making people move their body with us. Yes! We are Natural Q!!

Sure Singers

The enthusiasm and passion of singing has brought together people from different background and different places through an audition held by Pingtung County in July, 2011.The training sessions have given us an opportunity to gain knowledge on what a cappella is and arouse the desire for music. Basically, Sure Singers are formed by Native Taiwanese living in Pingtung County. We are taught by many well-known Taiwanese a cappella teachers. We sincerely hope, with the support of professional teachers, Sure Singers’ singing potential will be stimulated so that everybody can hear the beautiful voice from Southern Taiwan. Sure Singers won the third place in Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival in 2011, after 3 months of forming Sure Singers.

Cube Singers

Cube Singers is consisted of passionate singers who love A Cappella, and devote to popularize and pass on the spirit of A Cappella.

The Corner

Started from 2011, a group of people who want to try diverse way of singing gather in a practice room situated at the corner of third floor. Our practice time is always full of laughter and dessert. Though we did not engage this A-cappella group very long, we still hope that this musical journey could last in company with each other.


Safak is united by a group of theater performers who sing and act, performing with funny, dramatic, energetic and emotional factors.

Each member of Safak is full of performing experience. They can sing, write and compose songs, choreograph, tell stories, and even dance off and on the stage.

Safak choose not only pop songs, re-mixed songs, they also write songs of their own, including  different styles all across ballad, pop, rock and dance music.

To sum up, multiple factors are used and played to create magical chemistry,in which Safak bring the audience such a different whole-new-a-cappella-enjoying experience, trying to enrich the diversity of a cappella performance.

The Heaven-sent

The Heaven-sent - - -
Gathered from different industry elites of Taiwan, Heaven-Sent is formed by an inspiration of their joint spiritual mentor: Ms. Danann Chin. They decided to transform the love and vision towards music and singing into a brand new journey to explore and learn from.

Luckily with the brilliant coaching from the best Taiwan A cappella master, Mr. Ray Chu, their pure and beautiful voice is now firstly performing on the global stage, spreading their abundant happiness of life to the world.


The Octangle Singers

The Octangle Singers was founded in March, 2011. The members of the group come from graduate students of the TamKang Senior High School, and most are Christians of the Presbyterian Church. The group aims to serve God and make a reciprocation to TamKang. The group takes its name from the famous historical building in the TamKang campus---The Octagonal Tower. Regular members are sixteen, practicing on every Sunday, and invited to sing songs of praise in the service of many different churches.


In 2012, eight members of the Octangle Singers aim to challenge 2012 A Cappella Competition. The group anticipates the excellent performance will attract listeners to know voices from the Presbyterian Church and the TamKang Senior High School.


Chunghwa Telecom Chorus

Chunghwa Telecom Chorus was founded in March 1971. Our members consist of company employees who are interested in music and their families. It is an amateur group. In the past 41 years we have practiced songs including Chinese and foreign folk songs, religious songs, art songs and oratorios
During the last 12 years under the guidance of Professor Lin, we also practiced some Baroque and Renaissance oratorios. In addition to performances in all the branches across Taiwan, we also performed concerts in several major international conferences and earned lots of applause.

Nei- Hu Community College (NHCC) Chorus

Founded in 2003, singers are all music lovers coming from every field of society with an identical goal to learn bel canto arts and choral music skills.

With their perfection in choral music, they have been frequently invited to the cooperation performance with some well-known chorus in Taiwan. Also, they were invited to many musical activities such as: chorus concert at Xihu Library. Taipei City councilor Chen-Yi-Zhou’s: “To Deliver Love by Music” concert and choral premiere at CPC’s music hall, achieved whereof high praises and admiration.



Taipei Municipal Chorus

To improve the employees’ living standard and promote proper leisure activities, the Taipei Municipal Chorus was established in 1977. The purpose of our chorus is to support the arts-driven construction in Taipei City Government and actively take part in all kinds of domestic and foreign activities and performances to extensively promote artistic and cultural events domestically and extend regards to oversea compatriots. Over the years, our chorus has been highly praised by government officials and received good reputation!

Taipei City Yuei-Yo Chorus

Taipei City Yuei-Yo Chorus was established in 1964. It is one of the oldest choruses in Taiwan. The purpose of its foundation is clearly depicted “Meet friends with melody and advocate music” in it chorus discipline. Its members include persons from all walks of life, covering broad range of ages and social levels, and it’s just like a big family. Due to its long history, there have been over 1000 persons who have attended Yuei-Yo successively during these 40 years.

During these years with its continuous growth, Yuei-Yo performs their melody in almost every corner of Taiwan, including Ponghu and Kinmen. It tries to deliver the happy melody to everywhere and hope the society to become more harmonious through promoting the appreciation of music.

Taipei Women Chamber Choir

Founded in 1997, Taipei Women Chamber Choir has been one of the most popular choirs in the TCS group. The members of TWCC, mainly coming from Taipei Metropolitan Area, show their great passion for singing, learning how to sing and listen at TWCC in their free time. Not only can singing fulfill their lives, it can also act as an agent to care for the society.

Having been well trained by former conductors CHEN Yun-Hung, WENG Chia-Fen, LIANG Serene and the sitting conductor FANG Su-Chen, TWCC has presented its extraordinary singing skills to the public. In the 12nd Golden Voice Award (2007), TWCC won the first place. Having held its annual performance for years, TWCC is now expanding its stage overseas. It has been invited to perform in countries all over Asia for quite a few times and has had great opportunities to have conversations with the artistic groups all over Asia.

YongHe Philharmonic Chorus

The 70-member YongHe Philharmonic Chorus was established in 1995.  The members are different ages, sexes and professions. They find love and happiness through singing together every week.

Over the years, because of their continuous efforts and excellent performances, the chorus received great appreciation from the public. They are also dedicated to numerous charity activities and celebration ceremonies domestic and abroad. They also inspire and bring happiness to the audiences with their warm echo.

Chunan choir

In order to promote community arts activities and upgrade humanities accomplishment, Chunan Choir
was established under the Chunan Public Library in 2008. Majorty of members are retired people who
love music and singing in the town. Although they are not professional - some of them even have no idea
about singing. They are still full of enthusiasm to practice once a week together. From the very beginning,they can only sing folk and popular songs together. Until now, they can sing the real chorus repertoires.They want to show their love and enthusiasm for singing and music through singing.

Yi-Phone mixed chorus

“Yi-Phone mixed chorus” was established In Sept,2003. Members are included teachers ,retired teachers from HGHS & other schools.

Under the direction of devoted teachers: Conductor-Ms.P.Y.Lee & Accompany- Ms.Melody Feng, we have made big progress. In 2009 attended the“First Choral Festival”in Imizu,Japan. In 2010 won the A1 Prize of  ”National Folksong Choral Contest”(Taiwanese group).In 2011 won the Silver prize of TCMC “New Spiritual Choral Competition”.In 2012 won the A2 Prize of ”Taiwan Hakka folksong choral contest”


Sioulang Philharmonic Chorus

Sioulang Philharmonic Chorus established in 1996.Due to Mr. Yu’s humorouspatience direction and offered simple ways of singing skills in last fifteen years, the chorus won the competition of eastern social group in 1999 and 2000 and Zhongshan Cup in 2000.During the year 2007 to 2010, the chorus has had union performances with Eurasia Chamber Orchestra in National Concert Hall. Hoping for much more music amateur will get together and enjoy the pleasure of singing.   

Lotus Choir

Lotus Choir is founded in 1977 about 40 members for the time being. Most of the members are the employees of INER and CSIST. The current leader of Lotus Choir is Mr. Chyou Shang-lee. Lotus Choir is the constant winner of various choir competitions, and it often performs at community charity shows. It is the championship of “Taoyuan County Mixed Chorus Competition” for the past 4 consecutive years, and won the silver medal at the New Spiritual Choral Competition –Happy 50 Choir in 2011.



Li Yuan Ladies Chorus

Li Yuan Ladies Chorus was established in 1996 by the students’ parents of Li Yuan Elementary School and women who love music in the neighborhood. Beside regular practice and various choral competitions, the members also support activities held by locals or schools by conveying their voice in order to spread the cultural education through music.


One Plus One (OPO)

Founded in February 2009, the One Plus One (OPO) Vocal Band was born from an out of this world virtual realm – the Internet. After progressing through a formative two years, the third generation OPO cast assembled in November 2010– again via the Internet without sharing any common background but only the mutual passion in A Cappella – and soon made its debut at the Taiwan Spring Vocal Festival in March 2011. The core spirit of “One Plus One” comes from the inspirational motto, “A Cappella has never been a one-man show.” For us, one plus one no longer equals two, rather “infinite possibilities of music.

Sonic Suite

Though they‘re still a young project, Sonic Suite have already been described as„one of the highlights of the Schleswig-Holstein music festival“ by the LübeckerNachrichten. A project, where extraordinary singers came together to share theirpassion: singing together and taking great delight in doing so! They free themselvesfrom old A-capella-archetypes and astonish every audience, not only the experts!This upcoming group is led by Tilo Beckmann (founder of the first professional vocalband in Germany) and among others supported by Jeff Cascaro.The singers, hailing from all over Europe (for instance Indra Tedjasukmana andVictor Visotsky) possess, besides a naturally fantastic voice, a great deal ofnaturality and authenticity.Their sound is always up to date; technologically supported, but still innovativewithout seeming synthetic. The aim is to get involved with the current airplays andreach an international audience.The repertoire is strongly influenced by a mixture of Soul, R&B, Pop and spicedwith the flavour of Jazz music.



Singer Street

Singer Street, four singers from Hungary.。
Two girls and two man, they all have profound classical music and Jazz training.
Starting from 2009, they not only play role in a cappella music, also sing with jazz bands. There influence groups are Take Six, Swingle Singers, Real Group and New York Voices. They mostly sing there own original music or arrangements.
Singer Street were the champion of 2011 competition in Graz Austria. They sing vocal jazz, pop, as well as Hungarian folk arrangements. Their perfect harmony and unique sound are always impressive to audiences.


Sing out your soul..

Bass, beats and strong leadsingers that’s what characterize Singers. Pop- and jazzsongs from artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder re-arranged for 6 singers. All songs are performed a cappella, only voices – no instruments. Enjoy!!

Singers have been touring in both Scandinavia & Europe, and it’s the 2nd time the vocalgroup is visiting Taiwan.
They have made 2 CD’s and have just finished their new EP including a chines song.
Visit Singers to see more pictures and tourdates.


The Glue

For 14 years now, the Swiss a-cappella group The Glue performs their astonishing mix of highly professional musicality, wild humor and charming stage presence.
The five good looking guys from Basel, Switzerland, already played more than 600 concerts in the USA and Canada and all over Europe, as for example in Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Their aim is to spread their self-written songs over the world they originally come from. Country music, Latin Salsa, east-european Gipsy tunes or african tribal sounds, there’s no style they wouldn’t adapt…
But don’t expect them to be a classical boys a-cappella group! Calling themselves a “Band without Instruments”, they imitate these in such a convincing way, you’d hardly believe it.
For their ongoing success and their impact on local music education they received the Cultural Award of the canton Basel-Landschaft in November 2010. In March 2011, The Glue won the “2nd Prize” and the prize for the “Best Original Song” at the Harmony Sweepstakes Regional Competition at Broadway in New York. They sang in prestigious venues such as the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig (Germany), the National Arts Centre in Ottawa (Canada), the Miller’s Theatre in New York (USA), the Volkshaus Zürich and the Theater Basel (Switzerland), they performed open-air in front of thousands of supporters at the “Fanfest” of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany and the UEFA European Football Champonship 2008 in Switzerland/Austria. They were also invited to participate in the TV show “Switzerland’s got Talent” and reached the Top5 in the National Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. In 2005, they won several prices for their second last album «Boca Juniors» in four categories! (Pop, Classical, Folk and Alternative)
Today, they are valued as one of the important nowadays groups in European a-cappella music.



Exit is a 5-male contemporary acappella group from Korea.
They started singing in the same highschool choir called Yong-moon in Seoul(except Seul-ki Lee).
And their musical slogan is "Let us get you out of routine with our music!".
They won the 1st prize on Korea Acappella Competition 2009. And performed more than 100 times.
They sing all kind of songs, hiphop, R&B, KPOP, POP, Classic and so on.
They will give you the best experiences with their great harmonies and fantastic performances.



MICappella is a Vocal Band that represents Singapore's next step in Contemporary A Cappella music. Performing with a contagious energy that keeps audiences entertained, MICappella's strong individual personalities come together in a unique blend of mainstream rock, pop, R&B, club and dance music. MICappella consists of 6 members, Juni Goh, Lee Ein Ein, Calin Wong, Eugene Yip, Peter Huang and Ng Wei Jin and are runners-up for the Favourite Asian A Cappella Group in the A Cappella Community Awards 2011. MICappella writes and records their own originals and have performed at the opening ceremony of SPH's 2011 E-Awards as well as the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010. The band also represented Singapore at Taiwan's mainstream singing competition Super Idol 5, Austria's largest a cappella competition, Vokal. Total 2011, the Hong Kong International A Cappella Extravaganza 2010 and was the only South-East Asian group invited to perform alongside top groups from USA, Sweden, Hong Kong and Singer-songwriter Khalil Fong and won the Best Vocal Percussionist award in Taiwan’s International Competition 2009. Having only been formed in June 2009, MICappella's brand of music is a welcome change to what A Cappella music is perceived to be. With this unique and powerful new sound, MICappella is pursuing their dream to blast their way into the mainstream as a chinese vocal rock band without instruments. Get ready to immerse in their style of explosive and extreme music.


Exit is a 5-male contemporary acappella group from Korea.
They started singing in the same highschool choir called Yong-moon in Seoul(except Seul-ki Lee).
And their musical slogan is "Let us get you out of routine with our music!".
They won the 1st prize on Korea Acappella Competition 2009. And performed more than 100 times.
They sing all kind of songs, hiphop, R&B, KPOP, POP, Classic and so on.
They will give you the best experiences with their great harmonies and fantastic performances.

Set Tone Men

Set Tone Men (STM) is a young and energetic contemporary male a cappella group, established in September 2011. Its members are all passionate and experienced singers from the chamber choir Die Konzertisten who aim to perform a cappella music to a professional standard. The repertoire of STM is greatly varied and innovatively arranged in a number of different exciting styles, ranging from classical to pop and contemporary music.
In its first six months, STM has been invited to perform at many important events, offering unique a cappella experiences through the group’s harmonious male voices. STM’s objective is for its audiences to be touched by its music and to share its love for a cappella.

Jazz arranger, educator, singer and pianist Michele Weir is a faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles and a former member of the Grammy-nominated vocal group, Phil Mattson and the PM Singers. Weir’s arrangements have been performed by groups including New York Voices, Manhattan Transfer, M-Pact, the Boston Pops, Pacific Symphony and many others. Weir’s educational arrangements are available thru a variety of publishers, including her own online company, MichMusic ( Past activities include touring as pianist with singer Bobby Vinton, composing songs for the Shari Lewis TV show, and music supervision for the foreign language versions of the Dreamworks film, Prince of Egypt. Weir’s educational book/CDs, Vocal Improvisation, Jazz Singer’s Handbook, and Jazz Piano Handbook are available worldwide, and her CD release with guitarist, Bruce Forman is titled, The Sound of Music.


I am so impressed with the efforts of Ray Chu and TCMC toward the development of the a cappella community in Asia and now, around the world.  Seven years ago when I was a judge at the festival, most of the groups for from Taiwan, and the overall group level wasn't that high.  Now, it's an impressive international event with groups from all over Asia and Europe.  I loved the competition – some fantastic groups singing very interesting charts and having very engaging performances both musically and visually.  It's really a quality festival and I think Ray and TCMC have made a very substantial contribution to the world of a cappella.—Michelle

One week has passed since we've arrived back to Hungary, and we really miss you all already! We've tried really hard to find any negative detail in this two weeks, but we've failed, and I'm not polite:)
I've asked the other members and Lozi(Zoli) to write lists with pros and contras and NOBODY wrote contras...So I have a hard job now:))
Welcome in Taipei: perfect
All our Hotels: perfect
Food: There are no words, how perfect:)))
Hosts: There are still no words:) we became really good friends with all of them, they are all professionals and warm hearted persons! They really made every second unforgettable!
Sound: Sometimes we had minor problems on stage, but never with the PA! We( including Zoli )were totally satisfied. Zoli asked me to tell you, that he really enjoyed working together with the local soundmans!
The tour in general: Perfect organization!!!
We always had more than enough time to do the soundcheck, and relax a bit before the concerts. We had some difficulties with the audiences in the beginning, but we believe that we've developed in it and maybe it's more important than the difficulty itself:))))
Finally I can tell the same about the CD issue. I believe that all of us had learnt about it, and it had been solved in a really professional way!
Thank you all once again to made this two weeks unforgettable!!!
Kindest Regards:Ignac-- Singer Street

Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing tour, it's just fabulous how you took care of us singers with a top professional organization. We really could focus 100% on our music and enjoyed every single minute in Taiwan so much! The audiences were fantastic, the team of technicians, our guide staff and all others volunteers did a wonderful job and we are so thankful!
We'll be back because we felt in love with TAIWAN! So see you soon, enjoy our music and: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!  --Gaspard  --The Glue

The TCMC Festival in Taipei has been a wonderful experience for Singers. Both the competition and the concert tour afterwards was very well organized and with the sweetest volunteers to manage and take good care of us. We feel very much at home in Taiwan and look forward to coming back :-) Helle--Singers