2010 Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival was from 16 to 24 October. World top vocal groups sang all over Taiwan island and audiences enjoyed a cappella music Taiphone during the festival.
This year, the 10th Anniversary of TICACF, we held the Domestic a cappella competition and a 2-day master class as usual. We invited groups who got champion in 2005-2008 TICACF to come back for our instructors and perform total around 30 concerts.

International Concert / Closing Concert

Venue Date / Time Groups

Chung-Shang Hall

Taipei City

10/24 (Sun.) 15:00

Niniwe / Germany
Klangbezirk / Germany
Eurasian Project/ Mandarin songs arranged by Klangebezirk, sing by Klangbezirk and Taiwanese friends 

10/24 (Sun.) 19:30 Fool Moon / Hungary
Vocaldente / Germany

Domestic Contemporary A Cappella Competition

Venue Date / Time Groups

Fu-Hsin Elementary School

Taipei City

10/ 16(Sat.)
First round at 13:00

Mouth HsinChu Science Park Choir
Choklete Vocal Band aplusA
Lazy Friends The Sillys
Seagull-K Vocal Band OVA
Sweet liver Lime Soda
Jigsaw A House Singer
BANANA123 Popphone Singer
MSG A Cappella Hattrick
Toniac Chung-Shang University KaiKai
Visions Sirens

10/ 16(Sat.)
Final at 18:00

The first 8 groups will be chosen

International Tour Concerts

  Venue Date / Time Group
1 National Chengchi University 10/14(Thu.)18:30~21:00 Ray Chu and Klangbezirk
2 Chung Hua University 10/15(Fri.)19:30~21:00 Vocaldente
3 Pingtung Tungguang Elementary School 10/15(Fri.)19:30~21:00 Klangbezirk
4 Pingtung  Gallery and Music Hall 10/16(Sat.)19:30~21:00 Klangbezirk
5 Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station 10/17(Sun.)11:00 Niniwe
6 Taiwan High Speed Rail  Taoyuan Station 10/17(Sun.)13:30 Niniwe
7 Sanchong 228 Memorial Park 10/17(Sun.)19:30~21:00 Niniwe
8 Taichung People's Square 10/17(Sun.)19:00~20:00 Klangbezirk
9 Taiwan High Speed Rail Chiayi  Station 10/17(Sun.)11:00 Fool Moon
10 Taiwan High Speed Rail Zuoying Station 10/17(Sun.)13:30 Fool Moon
11 Pingtung Gallert and Music Hall 10/17(Sun.)19:30~21:00 Fool Moon
12 Hankyu Department Store(Kaohsiung) 10/17(Sun.)17:00~18:30 Vocaldente
13 Asia University 10/18(Mon.)18:30~20:30 Niniwe、Vocaldente
14 National Cheng Kung University 10/18(Mon.)19:30~21:00 Fool Moon
15 China Medical University 10/18(Mon.)19:00~21:00 Klangbezirk
16 National Chiao Tung University 10/19(Tue.)19:30~21:00 Niniwe
17 Feng Chia University 10/19(Tue.)19:00~21:00 Vocaldente
18 Providence University 10/19(Tue.)19:00~21:00 Fool Moon
19 Mingdao  University 10/19(Tue.)19:00~21:00 Klangbezirk
20 Tamkang University 10/20(Wed.)19:30~21:00 Niniwe
21 Taoyuan Performance Hall 10/20(Wed.)19:30~21:00 Vocaldente
22 National Chiayi University 10/20(Wed.)19:30~21:30 Fool Moon
23 Nantou Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Pier 10/30(Sat.)16:00~17:30 Klangbezirk
24 Dream Community 10/31(Sun.)16:00~18:00 Klangbezirk
25 National Taiwan University 11/01(Mon)19:30~21:00 Klangbezirk
26 Changhwa Performance Hall 11/02(Tue.)19:30~21:00 Klangbezirk

International Master Classes

Venue 10/22(Fri.) Instructor 10/23(Sat.) Instructor
  Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Classroom 1 Classroom 2
10:00- 12:00 Niniwe Foolmoon Klangbezirk Niniwe /Winnie

Sound of Niniwe
Recording Tips Arranging concept & Improv. Performance Loop machine
12:00 Lunch(90 min.) Lunch(90 min.)
13:30-15:30 Klangbezirk Vocaldente Niniwe Fool Moon
Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching
15:30 Break(30min) Break(30min)
16:00-18:00 Fool Moon Niniwe Vocaldente All Basses

Characteristic of FoolMoon & sheet to performance
Solo Coaching Acoustic singing Bass & Percussion Skill
18:00 Dinner(90 min.) Dinner(90 min.)
19:30-21:30 Niniwe & Vocaldente   Fool Moon & Klangbezirk  
Blend & Balance
  Ear Training / warm up  

 First: Moment
 Best Hang-Guang Arrangement:Sylvia Lin、Christine liu
 Best Hang-Guang performance:Sirens、Voco Novo
 Best Composition:Christine Liu (I want to go to Paris)
 Best Stage Performance:Sirens
 Best Soloist:Li Jen Min (Chung-Shang University KaiKaiP)
 Best Vocal Percussionist:Chu Shin Min (Sirens)
 Best Chinese Song:Sirens
 Best Jazz Style:Moment

Contemporary A Cappella Catagory

New Spiritual Catagory


Because of soccer, we get together. Because of the passion, we sing together. We are the group that full of student soccer players. And we were finally formed at the time when 2010 World Cup began. Although we are founded for short and do not have much experience, we still want to sing and shine and do our best on the stage. In most of the time, our stage is the soccer pitch and our body plays melody. In this case, we are on the real stage and hopefully we can still be like on the pitch. No matter how it is going, we always hope that our voice can bring everybody great memories.


Sirens Vocal Band was formed in April, 2009. Our members come from diverse places, but our love to a cappella has overcome the barrier of distance. Base on the features, we’ve developed a unique “Sirens” with the elements of creativity and dancing in music. Although we achieved a great honor in our first contest, we will never stop learning, and always look for consummate performances. With our great passion, we will lead the audiences into an unlike music world. We don’t have any academic background, yet we have great ardor for music. Though we have been through many difficulties, our passion will never fade. For people who love singing, continually challenge ourselves and seek for any possibility is our motive.

Passion + Soul + Creativity + Trick + All-around = Sirens


OVA is a male-voice a cappella group founded in summer of 2010. The ages of the members are from 20 to 25. All members have singing experiences in chorus, and some of the members have sung in a mixed-voice a cappella group. We are young, we love singing, and we founded this group in aspiration to provide new experience for both the audience and ourselves.


Banana 123 was founded in may, 2009. The name of the group is inspired by a creative teaching from our conductor. He used this method to train our sense of rhythm. (Banana, Guava,Ba-na-na,Ba-na-na)
Though the members come from various departments in the NCCU, they all share this single love and strong passion for choral music and accapella performances.
With currently 7 members, actively performing in different occasions, such as the farewell party of Cheng-Sheng Chorus, the awarding ceremony for graduates of contributions, the 51st annual concert of Cheng-Sheng Chorus, the 27th Golden Melody nation-wide singing contest… just to name a few.


Visions!! vocal band is made up of seven A Cappella fanciers with different occupations. Classical, Jazz, pop and Electronic, we play all of these kinds of music with pure vocal, dance, modeling and light, wish to provide you a brand new experience of music listening. We enjoy singing and singing together. May you all could feel passion and enthusiasm as we singing and like we are.


Moment was founded in February, 2010, and was formed by five students from different departments of National Sun Yat-Sen University. Members were chosen during an a cappella course lectured by professor Tim Wang, who gave moment a chance to sing out loud the dreams and a desire to embrace the stage. Moment was invited to perform in a college choir concert soon after the establishment, and won the first prize in A Cappella Championships held in Singapore in August, 2010.
Moment consists of five current members: soprano Julia Tsang, alto Tanya Hsueh, 2nd alto Yi-Ting Yu, Tenor Kenny Huang, baritone/bass Simon Pan, and a guest member, Tim Wang, presenting bass in certain songs.
We would like to bring you into an enchanting and touching MOMENT with our sincerest voices.


HsinChu Science Park Choir

HsinChu Science Park Choir was founded in 1983. The members consist of people from different realms, such as engineers, researchers, teachers, students, housewives etc. We love singing and enjoy challenging different kinds of music. We actively seize every opportunity to perform in public, and to sing in any competitions. Singing in the choir has become an important part of our members’ lives.



Stouxingers from Germany performanced at Asia University, Taiwan in 2009. Head of Tobey Tien was moved determinately to organize an A cappella society in School with Neinei Lin and named it "asiA CAPPELLA".

Music players in the build-up of the parties, finally in April 2010 established the frist sub-group -- "The aplusA Vocal Band" referred to as "aplusA". Hope to make the students' creativeness and height enthusiasm converge vocal music to creating new music sparks!!

Above all is just the official statement. Frankly speaking, all groups need such high-quality packaging. Honestly, We just only build cities and counties in Taiwan, have a strong desire and afraid of no place to vent our music. However, be sure not to choose our showtime to go to toilet, please!


Seven college students who love singing and passionate, they dreamed to use the purest and sincerest voice to touch you, to touch every corner. It is their first thought.
With no reason, just love singing.
We love to listen the voice form our body fold up to a perfection. We just love to feel the most natural resonance by simply singing.
With no reason, we all fall in love with ACAPPELLA.
Like a impetuous reckless guy, we innocently want to use our mouth to conquer the world.
We are seven reckless guys from the North, Middle and South Taiwan, a Acappella group formed of 5 girls and 2 boys. We met each other in the Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA) in Guantian Township, Tainan, formed in September 2009.
We wish we can follow another Acappella group formed by our upperclassmen, Oops, use our mouth, let the world hear Taiwan’s college students’ passion.
We are MOUTH Acappella group.


Toniac。Toniac is an a cappella vocal band in Taiwan. Toniac=Tone+Maniac We are carzy about singing and we can’t live without music. Our group fund in 2010 summer, and all the members are from different background. We hope our music can bring happiness, hope and love to people.

Seagull-K Vocal Band

"Seagull-K Vocal Band" The Seagull-K Vocal Band was founded by some members of Tsing-Hua University Glee Club(NTHU Glee). The group's Chinese name is phonetic pun with "just ok". The "Seagull-K" hope to spread their spirit of "just ok" to the audience.

Popphone Singers

Pop-phone Singers, in short, Popphone. They are an a cappella choir from Shih-Hsin University Chorus. Founded in 2003, lead by Conductor Ray Chu. All members are selected from the University chorus, so, members are changing every year. This year, Popphone has increased to 6 members to have more flexibility and keep Popphone singers running.  We are energetic, creative and always active.
Popphone won Champion of Taiwan Collegiate a cappella competition in 2004, 3rd place in the competition of Taiwan International Choral Ensemble Festival in 2009, which is one of the most significant international vocal group competition (TICEF) in Asia.
The 2007 was an important year for Popphone, first, They won the champion of Collegiate a cappella competition in Korea, won 3rd again in TICEF, then was invited by Korean Educational Television and performed in a profound EBS a cappella festival. This is the first year they start their abroad international singing. They had also sung in many restaurants, book stores or community centers and street performances.

Lazy Friends

To join the “Hey Relax” concert held at the end of 2009, five musicholic people with different background from different places got together and start to sing.

We love Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Rock. We call our selves “Lazy Friends” because we usually singing together while lying on the couch. Our wish is to create fantastic music which could relax everyone.

A House Singer

 A House, is the first A cappella Live House in Taiwan.  We are the operational team behind A House.  After all these a cappella performances in A House, finally it is our time to be on the stage!! Here we are:the A Singers!!


The vocal group Jigsaw was started at 2008. Three women and three men work hard in a cappella music in Taiwan, and try to arrange some classic chinese and english songs ourselves, we want to share good music to the audience. All of us are crazy about singing. To sing or not to sing, that isn't a question.

Chocolate A Cappella Band

Chocolate A Cappella Band is organized with a group of friends who familiar with each other’s voice. Chocolate was certified by Kaohsiung County as a formal group of entertainment in February, 2008. We participated in ten charity performances since beginning. Expecting to fuse our voice as chocolate that gives all the people comfort.

Chung-Shang University KaiKaiP

KaiKai P singers were founded in the spring of 2009, composed of a group of young singing elites who love A Capella so much, and have sung a lot of famous A Capella songs. KaiKai P singers are pop-oriented, vigorous, energetic and passionate; each member has his/her own characteristic voice, but as a group, KaiKai P singers have a beautiful and harmonious voice. KaiKai P singers were invited to perform on the closing ceremony of The World Games in Kaohsiung, the program “Fashion Kaohsiung.” Recently, KaiKai P has been continually receiving all kinds of invitations from all over Taiwan!

Lime Soda

We know each other because of singing. We gather together because we like to
eat and chat in the midnight.
 Compare with lemon, the fragrant of limes are not as strong as lemons but it
tastes usually sweeter than lemons.
 We named ourselves as “Lime Soda,” hoping that when hearing our singing,
the audience would gain gentle and sweet feelings as eating a lime, and also
slight exciting and refresh feeling as drink soda.


The Sillys

The Sillys, composed by eight sillies crazy about singing.
All members are from National Taiwan University Chorus
and have learned and accumulated experiences of stage performing.
With Blis-sing's encourage, these sillies decided to form the Sillys
on 2010/06/09 at Xinshengnan Rd's Mcdonald.
The Silly as it may seems, the Sillys only want to let the world
see how we sing in craziness and how we enjoy music!
Just be Silly!!!

Sweet Liver Acappella Group

Founded in the middle of 2010, made up by 7 university students, we are Sweet Liver Acappella Group.
Music brings us sweet time, letting us forget to take care of our liver.
The Chinese name of our group has two meanings: "Sweet heart" and "Take care of your liver".
Hence, we use "Sweet Liver" as our English name.
We sing in our life, sing by our lives, and wish to sing for everyone's life.


A band composed of straight up, pure vocals from the very essence of the human soul, MSG was formed in 2009 by a group of music devotees consisting of members with various career backgrounds.

MSG performs and maintains a high standard of refined quality, emphasizing the chemistry between soothing harmonies and delicate interpretations. MSG's repertoire ranges from classical to pop and jazz music, including languages from English, Chinese, and Korean. Without the need for instruments, MSG will take you on a journey to experience the wonders and magic of the human voice.

NINIWE(2005 Champion)

NINIWE is a young energetic female ensemble under the direction of Winnie Brückner. As a vocal quartet they first emerged with original songs in June 2002, when Winnie Brückner won the “Leipzig Jazz Newcomer Grant” for her vocal music. Under her lead, this a cappella group is convincing both critics and audiences with impressing intensity.

NINIWE - Winnie Brückner, Elena Hamann, Caroline Krohn and Hanne Schellmann have succeeded in blending jazz and classical music.

Niniwe came to Taiwan in 2005 and got Champion in the international competition and tour around Taiwan, everybody loved them...

Video:Your Eyes

Fool Moon (2006 Chamnpion)

Formed in 2001, Fool Moon is a pop a cappella group of five musically well-educated young men, and was awarded the prestigious "Ward Swingle Award" for achieving first place in pop category at the International Ward Swingle A Cappella Contest in 2005.
The Web:http://www.foolmoon.hu/
Champion of  2006 TICACF and Best Soloist.
Video:Szerelem, Szerelem (best arrangement by Miklos Nemeth),Fragile


Klangbezirk (2007 Champion)

Klangbezirk is the result when four singers in Germany from all directions get together: they met in the German national Jazz Orchestra which was conducted by Peter Herbholzheimer. Tanja Pannier, Barbara Burkle, Juan Garcia and Tobias Christl harmonize not only because of their looks but also because of their unique voices: their voices combined let critics rave and jump for joy. Their arrangements of the songs, such as “Nearness of you”, “Take 5”, “I want you back” and “Flugzeuge im Bauch”, can only be described with words like “enchanting”, “virtuoso”, “astonishing” and “full of energy”. Klangbezirk is a vocal group which was founded in the winter of 2005: not a year later, the band won in Graz the international a cappella contest “VOKAL TOTAL” in the category jazz and won second place in the category pop. The ensemble is a vocal group of its kind: the four musicians win the hearts of their audience with their mix of German and English jazz and opstandards. Sometimes they break the a cappella setting when introducing the loop station and the electric guitar.

In 2007 Taiwan International A Cappella Competition, they won the champion and is willing to come back to Taiwan and sing in the competition as a guest group.

Video: Shower the People Chinese Song: Spring Wind Kissed My Face


Vocaldente (2008 Champion)

The five young singers of vocaldente can look back on a sound musical education in boys' choirs and university studies in music. They perfected their experience within the country and internationally with numerous gigs and concerts, as well as attending workshops held by the King's Singers, the Real Group or Naturally 7.With a rich and varied repertoire covering more than 80 years, they entertain and delight their audience with songs and pieces from the Comedian Harmonists to rock 'n' roll and ABBA, from the big 80s hits to the latest pop, always presented in the gloriously elaborate sound of five professionally educated voices. Their vocal imitations of rhythm and instruments, their self-written arrangements and the humourous entertainment sections complete the presentation, enlivened by self-ironic spoken interludes and sweeping dance choreographies. Members: JOHANNES NORBERT GRUBER、MICHAEL SCHÖPE、TOBIAS WUNSCHIK、CHRISTIAN ANSGAR PFEIFFER、TOBIAS KIEL

They are the Champion of 2008 TICACF.

Video: Juegalo


Venue 10/22(Fri) 10/23(Sat)
  Room 1 Room 2 Room 1 Room 2
10:00- 12:00 Niniwe Foolmoon Klangbezirk Niniwe /Winnie
Sound of Niniwe Recording Tips Arranging concept & Improv. Performance Loop machine
12:00 Lunch(90 min.) Lunch(90 min.)
13:30-15:30 Klangbezirk Vocaldente Niniwe Fool Moon
Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching
15:30 Pause(30min) Pause(30min)
16:00-18:00 Fool Moon Niniwe Vocaldente All Basses
Fool Moon           
Characteristic of FoolMoon & sheet to performance
Solo Coaching Acoustic singing Bass & Percussion Skill
18:00 Dinner(90 min.) Dinner(90 min.)
19:30-21:30 Niniwe & Vocaldente   Fool Moon & Klangbezirk  
Blend & Balance
  Ear Training / warm up  


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